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JVC Gumy HA-F140 In-Ear only Headphones - Peppermint Blue

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JVC's Work Fine For My Ipod

Feb 10, 2011
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Pros:Sound Quality, Comfort, Price

Cons:Cord durability/length, Adult Proof Package

The Bottom Line: You have to love JVC Gumy earphones, as for $10 they are a fine bargain, with quality of sound that will be enjoyed.

The anger that lit across my face, as I realized my Ipod Nano earphones were destroyed, couldn't be hidden. My skin tone turned to stop sign red, and I worried that due to my tight economic circumstances, that I'd be without my music that forces me to somehow get "more productive workouts." I was really happy with their sound quality, and wanted to get something that would allow me to enjoy my favorite songs, without sacrificing too much on audio performance. Thankfully, the JVC Gumy Earphones were available at an almost laughable cost. At only $10, I figured I couldn't lose by trying them, and have had them for several months now.

These are similar to the space aged earphones that were provided with my Ipod. They are made of strange plastic, small holes in each earphone, that goes well into your auditory canals. If I can't hear anything in ten years, I'll know who to blame. There's no difference in sound quality between these and the much more expensive Ipod earphones, and if you go through these music devices through physical work or losing them, buy an extra pair. The bass, treble, and audio quality are phenomenal. With your mp3 player at full volume, you are not going to hear anything in your nearby surroundings.

What about comfort? These are just as good, in fact, I'd say that they fit in your ear with even more ease than any earphones I've had. They just slide in, and let out very little sound, even if you are "jamming" in a confined area such as a car or public transportation. The dock mounts perfectly with the Ipod and other mp3 players, as well as my net book. You can also figure out with earphone goes into the proper ear, with easy to read R and L indicators, so that you'll get the optimum sound experience.

The cord length is only 3.3 feet. I feel that making it around four feet in length would have been a bit better, but for most uses this is fine. I do have some concerns about the cord, in that it doesn't seem quite as durable as the original equipment or some other earphones that I've used. At its low cost, JVC must have "cut corners" here. There are two strands attached together, and while thin in diameter, these have taken a lot of sweat, and also some surprises such as branches while out running in foliage. Thankfully, they are easy enough to clean-just a bit of soap and water.

I'm very impressed with these earphones. The "gummy like" plastic, modern design, and sound quality are way above average. They really can crank out the bass and treble necessary for entirely different genres of music, and also are fantastic for audiobooks. The JVC Gumy Earphonesare available on the 'net or at brick and mortar types of stores. Just be forewarned, that getting these out of the "adult proof" package is going to require a sharp knife. A fine product at a cost affordable for the masses, I'm more than happy to recommend these to anyone for their love of music.

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