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JVC HA-EBX85 Headphones - Black

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Under $20 JVC Clip On Earbud Headphones - Quality, Comfort and Price!

May 1, 2012 (Updated May 3, 2012)
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Pros:Good overall sound, comfortable fit, cheap!

Cons:Pain to get on and off.

The Bottom Line: I was very impressed that I got such good sound and comfort from a cheap pair of headphones.

My family (aka myself and my 16 year old son) go through cheap headphones.  They always seem to meet some mishap, or they just eventually break, because, well, they are cheap headphones.  However, cheap headphones are a necessity.  I can't really ride the T to Boston wearing big over the ear style headphones. My son can't wear that style when he is out riding his bike or playing basketball.   He used my favorite cheap Skull Candy Ink'ds and managed to break the connection jack.  The break is not visible, but you can't hear your music. So last trip I took to court, I realized I had no tunes for the T ride in, and tried out anothe pair of headphones.

JVC - HA EBX85s   aka   Sports Clip Ear Buds!

The thing I didn't like about my skull candies or any ear bud for that matter is that you really have to jam them in your ear for good sound. They can also easily fall out.  I decided if I was going to get a cheap pair of traveling headphones, that I wanted ones that clip onto your ears. These particular JVC headphones do just that.  It is an earbud design, but you don't have to really wedge them in deep, a comfortable soft plastic clip with a rubbery exterior fits comforably around your ear and holds the bud in place gently in your ear.  The cord is a bit longer than 3 feet which is plenty for portable devices in your pocket, but not quite long enough for sitting in my favorite chair next to my home theater receiver, and definitely not long enough for use with an amp for practicing guitar. These are meant for smart phones and iPods and on the go use.

Price / Value - I paid $19.99 for these, but keep in mind that I bought these in a mall in Boston. I am certain they would have been at least five bucks cheaper out in the suburbs, and probably 10 bucks cheaper online.

Comfort - These headphones are a good compromise for those who need headphones that aren't the big over the ear phones, but also don't like basic earbuds that need to be wedged in your ear to fit. I actually found them to be quite comfy and I like them far better than regular earbuds, and actually easier to wear than my big over the ear style cans.

My only complaint is that it takes a little bit to get them on and off, you can't just slip them on or off, but you have to play around a bit with the over ear part to make sure the buds sit in  your ears right.

Sound - I started by listening to some POE- Haunted and I must say I was impressed!  She sang out Hey Pretty (The Drive By Mix) while her brother describes a sexy car ride.  Fast slow, fast fast slow.  On the first song of the regular album, Poe uses some spacey effects of old recording clips, and I really liked the separation these head phones delivered. I got a real sense of space in my head.

Since I was in the Ps on iTunes, I went to The Police and put on Ghost in the Machine.  Soon Copeland, Summers and Sting were filling my head with a story about an Invisible Sun.  I am liking these, the heavy bass is there, the great guitar solos shine through and the sound stage was great.

I was now in a patriotic mood and threw on Amerika by Rammstein.

Wenn getanzt wird, will ich führen,
auch wenn ihr euch alleine dreht,
lasst euch ein wenig kontrollieren

Not exactly the explosive fire laden version I saw Sunday night when the band played live at the Worcester DCU center, but then again, I don't want 30 foot balls of fire shooting out my headphones. Til Lederman's whistling and singing sounds great, and that heavy German industrial metal sound pounds through the headphones like a blitzkrieg. 

We're all living in Amerika, Coca - Cola, sometimes War

Lana Del Ray sang into my ears next with Video Games which show cases her incredible voice.  She filled the center of my head with her sexy voice while the orchestral effects came in from the edges of my head. Her voice sounded natural, and the spatial separation was again very good, with a wide soundstage between my ears.

Heaven is a place on earth with you
Tell me all the things you want to do
I heard that you like the bad girls
Honey, is that true?

However, life is not all metal and pop music, sometimes we need to get our hair cut.  I listened to an aria from the Barber of Seville by Rossini.   The orchestra actually sounded pretty good for a pair of headphones, especially a pair of headphones that was only 20 bucks. Yes, I prefer my Italian Opera live, but these did a good job.  Just for good measure I listened to a few more Rossini arias by Italian opera star Cecilia Bartoli.  Both the piano, and her lovely mezza soprano voice rang through well.


I must say, these JVC Clip On headphones were on par for sound quality with my usual favorites the Skull Candies. Although these are not quite as big on the bass, the bass actually sounds a bit more natural, and they certainly don't sound bass weak. The JVC's handled high female voices very well and did equally well with industrial metal.   I also found these much more comfortable than straight ear buds. 

I had thought these would be just another pair of average or below average 20 dollar headphones, but I was quite impressed by them.

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