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JVC HA-F240-X In-Ear only Headphones - Green

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Jul 10, 2009
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Pros:Lightweight, small, sounds great

Cons:Uncomfortable, can hurt your ears

The Bottom Line:

These are great for anyone who doesn't want "Headphone Hair" and wants something portable in public!

The days of enormous headphones are gone with the birth of MP3'sand iPods. Rather than oversized circular, squeezed-tight headbands that overpower you, there are now miniature earplug sized contraptions that go right to the source! We have several Gumy headphones lying around, with several computers, iPods, MP3's and video game systems such as the Nintendo DSi we are always in need of them to tune out several things going at once. They are designed to fit right into your inner cochlea and sit still, filling them with the pounding sounds of your favorite music!

While these are very small, the size of the average ear plug, don't let that fool you. They have a 16 Hz and 20 kHz frequency response and are very loud, depending on the volume to which you set your music. They do a good job of staying in your ears, and rarely fall out if you have them placed deep enough. They weight under 0.20 ounces, and have a 3 foot cord for just enough length, but not enough to trip over while you do other things by multi-tasking. The cord is thin, fits into every outlet I have tried, and the cords match the phones, whichever one you choose. The colors are always bright and fun for college students, teens and kids! My personal color, so that I know which one is mine, is melon green.

They are easy to clean, I usually use a q-tip with a bit of rubbing alcohol just because these do sit inside your ear. If you are sensitive to noise, you may not like these because they are so close to your inner ear. The good news is, you don't have to have these very loud to be able to hear. They do not do a good job of blocking out outside noise, though. I can still hear the tv, phone and other noise even when I have my music cranked.

If you do not keep them attached they can get lost easily, stepped on in your kids room if not kept in a case, which I would recommend. One of our laptops needs to have the sound output jack re-sodered, so with this I have to always adjust and wiggle around the base input part of the cord, and the Gumy's is so lightweight and sturdy that I dont have to move it around much for it to get the sound back, and it didn't lose sound if I moved and the base circled. It did not get loose or pop out, so even witha  defective item, it does its best!

One downfall is that it can be uncomfortable after while, it can hurt the lining of your ear from using too long at one time. I would advise not to have it in your ears for more than one hour at a time or they could get sore because they do take up much room. Then again, I have tiny ears so maybe that is the problem!! Just for safety's sake...

These were really inexpensive to purchase, about $9.99, and we have about 3 or 4 pairs around the house for everybody. I don't expect much out of a ten dollar item, but JVC makes great products, and I think that Gumy is a fun, fashionable, and hardworking earphone!

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