JVC HA-S160 Headphones - Pink Reviews
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JVC HA-S160 Headphones - Pink

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good bet for cheap on-the-go listening

Jan 27, 2013 (Updated Jan 27, 2013)
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Pros:good sound for the price
pretty comfortable
look nice

Cons:none that I can think of

The Bottom Line: great budget headphones to toss in a work bag or take on a jog

I bought the JVC HA-S160 headphones (also known as the "flats" because they swivel into a 'flat' position for easy storage/travel) because I was tired of the discomfort of ear buds and the fact that many of them would fall out of my ears. I am a very active person - I do property maintenance for a living and also take frequent walks/hikes; and listen to my mp3 player and smartphone constantly - audio books, oldies, classical music, opera, some pop. So long story short I have headphones on most of the time, but since in my case they will be subjected to a measure of abuse, I wanted something that sounded decent but wouldn't break my heart if they broke or had to be replaced.

 These JVC phones are by no means heavy duty, but also not as fragile as you might think - the headband is metal with a rubber gasket around it (some headphones in this price range are all plastic.) The pads are nice and soft and there are no signs yet of deterioration. I can wear them for 4-5 hours without any noticeable discomfort.

 I am no audiophile so I can't tell you much about Hz and drivers but I have put these through their paces for about 8 months now and am quite happy. The sound is pretty warm and clean throughout it's range, no noticeable weakness in bass treble or mids. Honestly I am surprised how good they sound, as I have payed similar prices in the past for earbuds/phones from sony and panasonic that sounded very tinny and thin by comparison. I am on my second pair as unfortunately I did break my first one in a freak accident lol. But I would certaintly buy these again, and oh yeah.. they come in a variety of nice colors.

I payed about $10 online, shipped. Recommended

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