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Kensington K72401US Wireless Optical Mouse

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Almost perfect?

Sep 24, 2011
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Pros:Price, build quality, FULL size, comfortable, smooth tracking on all surfaces

Cons:Too new to have any thorough reviews yet (this one included).  Scroll wheel not smooth.

The Bottom Line: I believe it's probably the best value in a wireless mouse on the market, currently.  HP could beat it though, if HP could iron out wireless conflict problems.

First, let me say I've only owned this thing a week.  I would normally wait to write a review on something like this until I've owned it much longer.  But I wasn't able to find ANY decent reviews on this mouse.  So I'm attempting to write one.

I've been searching for a new daily workhorse mouse for my notebook computer for business and personal use.  The problem I've had is, I want a nano receiver and a FULL size mouse.  That is next to impossible to find.  Almost all of the nano receiver "mice" on the market are incredibly compact, which makes them uncomfortable to use for more than a few minutes at a time.  And it doesn't help that you can't find the dimensions listed anywhere.  Amazon claims that Kensington claims that this mouse is full size...but I can't confirm that on the Kensington web site.  The only dimensions you can find on the Kensington web site are the dimensions for the BOX that the mouse comes in.  Like anyone cares.  But even if Kensington called this full size, what would that mean?  It varies by manufacturer.  So without the exact dimensions...
OK, so I used my son's measuring tape to eye-ball this thing.  Here are the exact dimensions...or as "exact" as my eyeballs are calibrated, ha ha...
10.5cm long, 5.75cm wide, 3cm tall
4 1/8" long, 2 1/4" wide, 1 1/8" tall
By both "look" and "feel", it is what I, personally, would call a full-size mouse with a nano receiver.  Yay!
For comparison purposes, it is larger than all the Logitech "M" series mobile "mice" that I have seen.  It is larger than the Microsoft Mobile Mouse 6000, which is (as far as I'm aware) the largest nano receiver mouse in the Microsoft lineup.  It is significantly larger than all the 2.4GHz HP wireless mobile "mice".  The only (nano receiver) mouse I've seen that is larger than this Kensington model is a HP Wireless Optical Comfort Mouse.  The part number on that is XV420AA#ABA and Best Buy currently carries it.  But that HP Comfort mouse is huge.  Like NBA star huge.  I almost ordered one of those before I saw it in Best Buy.  I'm glad I didn't because (in my opinion) that HP Comfort beast is over-sized.  On a side note, it is unfortunate that the HP lineup seems to go straight from way too small to (I think I need a larger car to haul this thing home)
To sum up the size of this Kensington Wireless Mouse for Life, it is (in my opinion) perfect sized for comfortable long-term use for AVERAGE sized adults.

In use:
OK, I haven't had this thing very long.  But it does track SMOOTHLY on just about any surface.  Mouse pad, cushioned chair arm, rumpled shirt, whatever.  The buttons have nice feedback without being too noisy.  The one thing I don't like is the scroll wheel.  It has great, firm "click" feedback when scrolling.  I prefer a smooth scroll wheel (no clicks at all).  I'll try not to "ding" it too much for the scroll wheel, as that is a personal preference thing.  No doubt the mouse users who want their scroll wheels to click will be very happy with this particular scroll wheel.  The build quality of this thing is amazing, better than any Logitech mouse...and about on par with the higher end Microsoft units.    I kind of expected that, as this is not my first Kensington mouse.  Kensington "mice" are extremely well made.  I believe Kensington offers a limited lifetime warranty on this unit.  I don't think that's worth anything though.  If this mouse fails on you, are you really going to go through the hassle of trying to get a warranty repair/exchange?  It's cheap enough you would probably just buy a new one...less hassle that way.

Random thoughts:
I think this particular mouse is almost perfect.  As close to perfect as I could find.  If I could mix and match features, I'd choose...
Microsoft wireless technology (seems to offer great range, isn't bothered by wireless routers like HP)
Logitech tracking technology (works better than "bluetrack" on most surfaces)
HP scroll wheel (smooth and easy to operate)
Kensington build quality and "FULL" size
Unfortunately, I haven't found one mouse that combines all those features.  I'm still looking.
But this Kensington Wireless Mouse for Life has the right size and build quality, the tracking seems to be as good as Logitech, the wireless technology plays well with wireless routers, and it even has a decent quality scroll wheel.  I just wish the scroll wheel was SMOOTH.

I have no idea what the battery life will be as I haven't had it long enough to even start to guess on that.  It's nice that energizer batteries were included (two AAA) that were dated for 2017 though.

If HP comes out with a "medium" size (by HP standards) wireless optical mouse with a nano receiver...that beast might be a half-step closer to perfection for me.  The only problem I've found with the HP (other than too small OR too large, take your pick...) is that it gets cranky if it's too close to my wireless router.  But I could live with that. 

Back to the Kensington Wireless Mouse for Life...I'd say it is a heckuva bargain.  Normal price is competitive with all other major brands with similar features.  Other than the scroll wheel (personal preference) it has ZERO weaknesses that I have found.  If battery life is halfway decent, I'd have to give this unit a well-deserved 5 star rating.  So for now, I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and award it 5 stars.  Good job, Kensington.

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