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Graco DuoGlider Sterling Standard Double Seat Stroller

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I'd rather push a bus

Aug 4, 2006
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Pros:fully enclosable for newborn in rear, holds carseat in both seats, huge basket/tray

Cons:HUGE fold, workout to push, front seat recline is uselss

The Bottom Line: Durable cheap stroller with some pros but all in all it isn't worth it when you weigh in the cons

Or at least that might be easier.

So I guess with that opening I should probably describe the push first, it is not so bad when you have nothing to compare it to. Especially when your baby is first born and your older child is only 2, topping at 30 lbs max. It really isn't bad to steer then. But babies don't stay small long. So baby starts to grow, so does your toddler. Soon you are pushing a 20 lb baby and a 35-40 lb toddler. When you get to that point the weight in front makes it next to impossible to steer. Especially hard on indoor smooth floor surfaces it will start to slide instead of steer. The large wheels do do better on outside surfaces though but still stick. Now if the seats were interchangable that night solve the problem. Meaning if you could put the heavier child in back the lighter child over the swivel wheels may help. This also would be more agreeable to the small child who can't see over their siblings head. But this is not the case. You are instructed that the bigger child must sit up front. If you decide to ignore this rule and the baby up front starts fussy, you remove baby and now the back child and the stroller are sitting on the floor. This is not gauranteed to happen but even more likely to happen if your toddler is really tired so you give them the fully reclining rear seat to take a nap while baby looks around. With the seat reclined it is more tippy.

OK on to features, from the pusher forward (because the better features are in the back). There is a HUGE basket that is easily accessed from the back as long as the rear seat is not fully reclined. But it can also be accessed from the sides as well as near the feet of the rear seat. There is a soft handle as it is covered in foam. Just be careful not to slide it out of place, nick, dent it or rip it. There is a nice handle remote to make folding quick and easy. There is a parent tray to store items at easy reach. There are 2 seperate, fully adjustable and removable canopies. This is nice because indoors you can remove the front one to not be in the rear child's way. The rear canopy is bigger than the front so helps to enclose the rear seat for your newborn. The rear seat reclines to 3 positions including fully flat. Once fully flat the footrest is also adjustable so they can hang their feet down on the sturdy plastic footrest or have their feet up. When newborn though you can also adjust the footrest to fully enclose the back like a carraige, it makes for a plush place for your newborn. The front seat reclines in 2 positions, upright or semi reclined. The front footrest does not adjust though does have a nice sturdy plastic piece to put their feet on. The combination of only partial recline of the front seat, the front seat being short to accomodate the "stadium seating", no sides to the front seat and no adjustment to the footrest make the front seat pretty useless for sleeping. Even the smaller child won't fit well to sleep and wont be comfortable sleeping in the small seat. If there were sides to the seat to support the flopped head a partial recline wouldn't be bad but there are no sides so their head can just flop off the side. The seat is so small and the footrest doesnt adjust so makes even the option of curling up on their side impossible. So to say that the front seat reclines is a useless fact. The rear seat includes a removable bar and the front seat includes a removable tray. I would opt for the LX model if to do it again and get the 2 trays as baby does grow and end up needing a tray. But because of the bar and tray BOTH seats can accomodate an infant carseat. So if you have twins this would be a nice feature. However this probably isn't the best stroller for twins anyway because both seats don't fully recline and the AAP recommends against them living in their carseats. The pads are also removable and machine washable, always a plus.

OK so you see the features. Now the use, like I stated, the trays and basket are great to use. But it steers like you are pushing a bus. It does fold really easily but not much smaller than that bus. It is huge which makes it ackward to lift. Yes it fits in minivans, SUVs even in the trunk of many sedans. But if you dont have an extended minivan, you have a 3rd row in your SUV or you drive a mess than huge sedan it is going to be the ONLY thing you can fit. Even so you may have to remove the front tray and canopy to fit it.

All in all you will have a comfortable newborn and probably not have an issue pushing while your child is a newborn. You will have plenty of storage and can get away with a small budget. But THAT is where the babymoon ends. The only thing I could say about this stroller is it will fit your budget if it is small and you insist on new. Personally I would rather buy a much nicer used stroller with that money if that was all I could afford. I mean almost all strollers have removable pads so you could easily wash up a used one. Once you push something other than this you won't know how you ever pushed this, it is quite a workout.

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Amount Paid (US$): 150
Age Range of Child: 0 to 12 Months

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