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How Did "The Beav" get His Nickname?

Apr 26, 2000
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Pros:Clean Cut, Great Viewing for the Whole Family

Cons:TV Land runs the same re-runs over and over and over and over

Theodore Cleaver, AKA "The Beav" or "Beaver" is the star of this 1960's sitcom. One of the older standing sitcoms to still be popular yet today, many, many, many people have watched the childhood antics of the Beaver.

Being a trivia type person, I challenge you to a piece of TV Land Trivia regarding the "Leave it to Beaver Show." How many of you know how Beaver got his nickname? The answer will be revealed at the end of this epinion, for those of you who don't know the answer.

Beaver is the younger of two boys in the Cleaver family. Ward is the Beaver's father and he works as a businessman. Basically that is all one ever learns about Ward's job, as his job is not relevant to the show. It is interesting to note that Hugh Beaumont, (the man who played Ward) directed the show, so one would think there would be more focus on his character. Ward Cleaver is a all-around, good-guy, all-American type father. He patiently listens to Beaver's problems, trials and tribulations, offering his worldly expertise and advise. Ward is also a pretty cool guy. He understands kids, as he always seems to remember how he felt growing up as a little boy, offering his pearls of wisdom to the boys.

June Cleaver is a very one-dimensional type mom. She has a really weak role in this show, which is unfortunate, because I bet you she makes a mean pot roast! June is always dressed to the nines and wears pearls (oh by the by, another trivia piece - do you know why June always wears a pearl necklace?). June defers to Ward in all dealings with the boys. She is the "wait until your father gets home type." Don't be fooled by this meek exterior though. I think June secretly rules the roost. Behind closed doors, I suspect she needles and hen pecks Ward into doing what she thinks is best for her babies.

Wally is the Beav's only sibling and older brother. Wally is a really hip and cool type guy. He is a "chick magnet" in high school, having so many dates that I imagine he has a very full social calander. He is always covering for the Beav whenever he gets into some type of trouble, which is often! A kind and gentle older brother, he never tells the Beav to get lost, even if he secretly wishes it. Eddie Haskel and Lumpy are Wally's best friends. Lumpy is Mr. Rutherford's son and he is kind of a big weenie with absolutely no depth or dimension to his character. Eddie Haskel is a used car salesman or insurance salesman type, just waiting to happen! Eddie is frequently behind the schemes of Wally and the Beav. Never there to accept the blame, Eddie is always there to instigate trouble!

Beav's best friends are Larry Mondello, Gilbert and Whitey. As a grammer schooler, Beav hangs mostly with Larry Mondello, but when he goes to Middle School he hangs less with Larry and more with Gilbert and sometimes Whitey. The Beav's friends are really very one-dimensional. Wally's friend, Eddie Haskel is the one who steals the show, especially in the TV show's later years.

"Leave it to Beaver" is an exceptional show depicting a time when Baby Boomers ruled the world, rock and roll was a new concept and teenagers held hands not guns.

1. Theodore got the name Beaver at a very early age. As a toddler, Wally couldn't say Theodore and so it sounded more like Beavodore. So Ward and June just nicknamed him the "Beav."

2. June always wore a pearl necklace because she had such a long, lanky, slender neck. The pearl necklace helped place less attention to her neck.

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