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Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (DVD, 2006)

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Michelle Monaghan Went Topless in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Aug 8, 2006 (Updated Dec 27, 2009)
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Pros:Entertaining movie with good plot. Val Kilmer and Robert Downy Jr.

Cons:Very violent in a few scenes. Will be too different for some viewers.

The Bottom Line: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang wasn't a typical movie, but it was very entertaining and worth watching.

I was interested in seeing Kiss Kiss Bang Bang the first time I saw a preview for it. The movie never came to the theater here, so I had to wait until it was released on DVD. I finally rented the movie recently.

Harry Lockhart was a small time criminal who barged his way into an audition for a movie while evading the police. He managed to do well in the audition and was flown out to L.A. for another audition. The studio set him up to spend some time with a private detective, Perry, to help him handle the part in the up coming movie better. Harry went with Perry on what was supposed to be a routine surveillance job. Instead the men stumbled onto a murder and everything started to spiral out of control. Harry met a woman named Harmony that he was drawn to and started acting like a private investigator working on a real case to help her with something.

Harry acted as a narrator throughout Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The narration was a bit different from narrations in other movies. Harry tended to ramble a bit with his explanations, sometimes getting a little off track. Once or twice when he started to say something, the picture would freeze or even rewind a bit if he had forgotten to explain something. That was a bit different. He directly addressed the audience more than once which was a little jarring at first but I got use to it. The narration helped to explain several things and was entertaining. At one point, Perry even addressed the audience, apologizing for how many times the word that rhymes with luck was used. Once I got use to the unique narration, I liked it. People that don’t like narrations or voice overs in general in movies may not care for this movie since Harry narrated throughout.

Harry’s life changed in a big way after he charged into the audition. He wasn’t expecting to end up in the middle of a huge mess involving murder when he went on the stakeout with Perry. Harry started playing detective for real once Harmony needed his help and he managed to get Perry pulled further into what was going on as well. The mystery aspect could have been a little stronger, but it was entertaining. A few different things were going on and viewers could get confused if they don’t keep the subplots and mysteries straight. There were a few surprises added in that helped to keep things interesting.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang included a mix of comedy and action. The movie made me laugh several times even though it wasn’t a traditional comedy. The humor was darker overall, so it won’t appeal to everyone. Perry and Harry, especially Perry, said several things that made me laugh. Perry got irritated by things Harry did which was also funny. Harry was bumbling his way through several situations. Those scenes added more humor to the movie. This wasn’t a light-hearted movie. I think the funny things were added to help lighten the mood since the movie was darker overall.

Once Harry arrived in L.A., dead bodies started turning up. Perry and Harry were in some dangerous situations that involved fights, shooting, and even a car chase. There was enough action to keep things interesting even though this wasn’t a non stop action movie. Several scenes included violence, some which was very graphic and even gory. There was one scene that involved a character losing a finger that I really could have done without seeing. There really wasn’t a lot of violence in the movie. The violence that was in the movie was graphic, so it could bother some viewers. There was enough violence, along with frequent use of the word that rhymes with luck, for the movie to be rated R.

More than one woman was nude in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. The women that were naked or at least topless were mainly just shown in the backgrounds of a few scenes, like during some kind of party that Harry went to. Harmony was topless in one scene, though some may be disappointed since it didn’t last long. There was an attraction between Harmony and Harry that almost lead to a sex scene. There were some sexual discussions as well as a few jokes about the fact that Perry was gay. There really weren’t any actual sex scenes in the movie. One scene that was sort of like a flashback showed a sexual situation that was the closest the movie got to a sex scene. That scene also briefly showed another woman topless.

Harry and Perry were the main characters in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. They developed a unique friendship even though Perry frequently called Harry an idiot. Harry was a small time thief that tended to mess things up. He had no idea what he was doing at times which caused him to make some big mistakes. Robert Downy Jr. was really good in the part. Perry was a private investigator that did work for a movie studio and understood how things related to making a movie worked. I liked Val Kilmer in the part. He seemed more comfortable in the part than he did in Batman Forever.

Harmony was an aspiring actress that had been in L.A. for several years and still hadn’t had her big break. The closest she’d come was being in a commercial. She had a few mood swings, though it was understandable considering what she was going through. She was likable even though she could have been developed a bit more. I thought she looked familiar from the first time I saw her in the movie but I couldn’t figure out why. Michelle Monaghan looked very different in this movie than she had in North Country or Mission: Impossible III. She was very good as Harmony, a character that was very different from the few others I’ve seen her play. Corbin Bersen, who may be best known for his role on L.A. Law, had a small part as Harlan Dexter. Harlan was either the owner of a movie studio or a producer. I can’t remember for sure now.

Main Cast

Corbin Bersen - Harlan Dexter
Robert Downy Jr. - Harry Lockhart
Val Kilmer - Perry
Michelle Monaghan - Harmony Faith Lane
Shannyn Sossamon - Pink Hair Girl

Shane Black - Director

DVD Information

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is now available on DVD. I think the copy I rented was the widescreen version. There really weren’t a lot of extras on the DVD. There was commentary by Shane Black, Robert Downy, Jr., and Val Kilmer that I didn’t get the chance to listen too before I had to take the movie back. There was also a gag reel that was very funny and the theatrical trailer. That was it for the extras.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was a very entertaining movie. It was probably too different for some people, but I think it is work watching. Fans of Robert Downy Jr. or Val Kilmer should give the movie a chance.

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Screenwriter Shane Black of LETHAL WEAPON fame makes his directorial debut with this film noir gem. Robert Downey, Jr., stars as Harry Lockhart, a pet...
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