KitchenAid KGCU467V Stainless Steel 35.94 in. Gas Kitchen Ranges Reviews

KitchenAid KGCU467V Stainless Steel 35.94 in. Gas Kitchen Ranges

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Good Quality Commercial Grade Cooktop

Jun 2, 2011 (Updated Jun 3, 2011)
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Pros:Large cooking space, cast iron grates provide a stable surface for all types of pans.

Cons:Burners can get very hot, electric starter is tempermental

The Bottom Line: Its impressive, its stainless steel, it makes the kitchen look professional, and it works well.

KitchenAid Architect KGCU467 36 in. gas cooktop includes six cooking zones with cast-iron grates, sealed burners and push-to-turn rotary dials.

The three gas burners are in three sizes: two 20,000 BTU (large), three 15,000 BTU (standard) and one 5,000 BTU (simmer).   The burners are arranged across the front: large, standard, large and the back row: standard, simmer, standard.   This arrangement is fixed to ensure better distribution of heat but it does hamper using a griddle over two burners that are not the same.  The cast-iron grates provide a very stable platform for using a two burner griddle.

This is model is commercial grade quality and you should have a high quality professional grade set of pots and pans to use on it.  The burners can get very hot especially the two large ones where you may find you do most of your cooking because of the arrangement.  

The burners are lit with an electronic starter in the center rear burner or simmer burner.  I found that electric starter will continue to try and light if am using one of the other burners on a very low flame without first letting the burner I am using warm up.  The starter is tempermental in my opinion and there are times I can't get the burner to light when I have a pan on the burner.
NOTE: During the first year while it's still under warranty, periodically check all burners to make sure they can light.  We had a problem about a month after purchase with one burner not lighting and were told by the repairman that it is a common problem with the cooktop but most people don't use all the burners and often don't discover this problem until it is out of warranty.

The large burners are described as dual flame and marked HI/MED/LO and Simmer HI/LO, and best for frying or sautéing.  You need to use a larger pan on this burner or the flames will come up over the sides when the burner is on high.  I personally would have marked the settings to be: Very High, medium high, medium low with the simmer settings to be more of low medium and low.

In contrast the single simmer burning in the rear middle is exactly as described but still don't leave sauces unchecked for long, they can reach a boiling point if on the HI simmer setting with a cover. 

The standard burner is great for anything cooked in a sauce pot or stock pot.  You can use it for frying but because of the arrangement in the center front and back sides; it's easier for me to use one of the large burners in front side positions.

We upgraded from a 4 burner to a 6 burner cooktop and I find that I don't use more than four burners at a time but I love all the extra space I get.  You can easily put three pots in the back especially if you are cooking items that don't require a lot of attention, however, three in front is too many to manage in the space. 

We clean the cooktop after every use to keep any spills from building up.  We haven't had any major spills that require any more than a little extra effort in cleaning.   The cooktop has three different surfaces to consider when cleaning: stainless steel on the edges and front, porcelain base and cast iron grates.  We use a general purpose cleaner and a micro fiber towel to clean and polish.

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