Klipsch Image X10i Black/Orange In-Ear Only Headsets Reviews

Klipsch Image X10i Black/Orange In-Ear Only Headsets

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Jan 19, 2013 (Updated Jan 21, 2013)
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Pros:Perfect sound reproduction.
Klipsch attention to both build quality and beauty.
Value for dollar.

Cons:Absolutely none.

The Bottom Line: Superior sound reproduction compared to any other high end in-ear canal headphones.

It's hard to write a review when what you are experiencing is indescribable!
But I've got to try.  

I'm so inspired by the emotion I am feeling from the realization that I've never heard my music sound this good, this clear, and so perfectly reproduced that I feel compelled to share and tout these headphones.

Listening to one's music through high quality headphones, whether over the ear or in-ear canal types such as these Klipsch x10s can be the exact way the music producers in the studio heard it as it was being created and is the best way to personalize one's listening experience. 

Please note that this review is for the x10s and not the x10i's which have cellphone/music player controls on the yoke, however all other specifications are the same for both headphones.

I have known about Klipsch for a few decades.  I remember as a young man, I was working one evening as a cater waiter at some executive's house here in L.A.  It was a beautiful place, vintage 1920's upper duplex in a classy neighborhood, and one of the first things I noticed while setting the candle lit hardwood floor/well decorated rooms at dusk was the way the music sounded coming from her speakers.  I took a look and discovered Klipsch for the first time.  The music filled the room, not seeming to emanate from the speakers, but coming out of the walls with the perfect volume and strength and incredible clarity.

These headphones are the closest I've ever come to that feeling since then.  I'm almost in tears.
I'll try to get a bit more technical now:

I've been a huge Sennheiser headphone fan for a long long time.  I have a gorgeous HD560 over-ear headphone set from back in the late 80s which still sounds amazing.  I also have several sets of their higher end in-ear canal headphones (CX300, 400, 500, and 870s), one better than the next, and also a bluetooth stereo headset (MM400) for working out.  I have always been impressed by each of their products build quality, attention to detail as far as how balanced the music sounds while listening... not too much bass, but definitely the correct amount when the music dictates, and the treble crystal clear but not piercing... more of an intense high tone that gets inside your head and becomes both a listening and emotional response at the same time. 

Comfort is always a key part of wearing any headphones.  An uncomfortable, pinching, or too heavy feel can be a major distraction from the sole purpose of the products, which is to as purely as possible recreate music and all sounds with sonic accuracy and the correct balance between volume and the strength of the sound which is not always a volume based energy.  Low volume music listened to through a headphone that can deliver the depth and highs of the music can be just as enjoyable.

I have always thought that the Sennheiser headphones were extremely comfortable, but none have compared to the "invisible" and imperceptible way that these Klipsch fit into the ear.  The silicon gels warm to body temperature better than any other I've ever had and become weightless.  There is almost no pressure from the circumference of the gels against the ear canal, and the actual headphones are so small that they add virtually no weight.

The spatial clarity of the sound produced by the x10s is the most 3-dimensional that I've ever experienced. 

The Sennheiser headphones recreate the music perfectly and the sound fills your head with two clear channels:  right and left.  However, the Klipsch x10s expand that experience to create a perception that some of the sounds originate from what seems like outside of your head.  It's so hard to describe that sensation since the headphones are obviously in each ear, but the sound actually seems to emanate from a larger sphere, if that makes any sense.

That perception of sound source is what makes these Klipsch so much superior than what I have ever experienced before.

I hope you all will someday enjoy that feeling.  It's a gift.  It has become addictive, yet not taken for granted which makes each moment of listening all the more pleasurable.  

In summation regarding sound:  The range of frequencies produced by these headphones is beyond the capacity of the human ear to hear, therefore the range that is audible is not strained by the limits of the headphones which then allows for an undistorted and perfect strength of extreme resonant lows as wells as crystal clear high frequencies that are perceived as "unblended" and separate.  Perfection.

The aesthetics of these little beauties must be seen and handled in person.  The are small but not fragile.   Made of anodized copper and plastic and rubber, the blend of materials is high quality and almost artistic.  Form follows function was clearly maintained, yet somehow the form is as interesting as the appreciation of the engineering Klipsch put into their performance.      
They are beautifully presented in a small square box which includes a small leather carrying case with a magnetic closure.  Inside this case are different size ear gels to accommodate any ear shape, as well as an adapter for both airplane audio connections and a larger audio plug for most in home receivers.

Thanks for reading my review.   I really couldn't hold it in any longer.  I am a "sharer" at heart.   I know you will enjoy these if you get them.

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