Kodak HERO 5.1 All-In-One Inkjet Printer Reviews

Kodak HERO 5.1 All-In-One Inkjet Printer

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Jul 9, 2012
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Pros:copier lays down, display screen, quality printing, ink costs

Cons:no fax, expensive photo paper

The Bottom Line: Well worth the money. Don't just buy it to print pictures though!

I'm a tech geek. I Love technology, but I'm also a mom who doesn't have unlimited resources, but apparently the world has an unlimited list of demands! I had a printer that stopped printing! No matter what I tried it just wouldn't work. My husband and I went shopping for a new printer. When we got to the store, he picked up the first printer he saw and said "let's go". Of course the "geek" in me rose up in protest and explained everything he should be looking at when choosing a printer. Now I'll give you the same lecture (thank your lucky stars we aren't married!

How much is the ink
This is something people overlook. The night that we went to the store, my point was made for me. Three people were walking around talking on cell phones each one saying something like "the ink is so expensive!" "I could buy a new printer for the cost of the ink!" etc. People buy a cheap printer thinking they are saving themselves money, but in the long run they get their money through the ink! Ink is expensive, so when you go to the store check out the cost of the INK FIRST! Kodak's ink is less expensive than most. Which is wonderful because you are always going to need ink.

What do you want it to do...and if it stopped doing _____ what else could it do?
So many people have told me that they want this printer so that it can print pictures. Kodak does AMAZING pictures. Let's face it that's what we think about when we think Kodak. I even thought the same thing. I have twin boys and about 7000 pictures from the day they were born until now (20 months worth), and getting pictures processed would be extremely expensive (believe me I've tried). Now guess how many pictures I've printed out since I bought this a year ago....that's right! ZERO! If your only desire is to print out pictures...you should be thinking about "what else can this thing do"? It can  scan, copy, and print! Therefore if you don't print out even ONE picture...or for some reason that function stops working or you run out of the right paper or ink then you can still use the device.

In what ways can I use the other functions?
How many times have you had to fill out important documentation and had to run somewhere to get it in the mail, or get something faxed, or had to run to the library to get something copied? This saves a lot of time because you can do it from home! Never again do I have to run out early in the morning to get the all important birth certificates copied.  Hey if something can save me an hour of sleep it's completely worth my money. I'm also a big fan of the scan function. My file cabinets are full of every paper known to man. Bills that have been paid YEARS ago, pay stubs from what seems like an eternity. When you scan each of these documents and organize them in your computer, you can eliminate the amount of paper in your household and office. Whenever you actually need the documents, you can simply pull them up and print them off.

The best thing about the copy machine?
One thing people overlook when they want a copier/scanner is that one where you have to feed in the paper (standing up) can be impossible. Have you ever tried to scan a business card that way? The printer can never determine what kind of paper you are using, it always scans so weirdly and if the paper is wrinkled even a little you are done for because it won't go through the rollers....can you say PAPER JAM? Well this copier allows you to lay the pages down (just like an industrial copy machine). So it doesn't matter if I'm trying to make a copy/scan of a business card or a poster, the printer makes for ease of use.

The display
I have always hated the old printers. I used to hate it when the printers would run out of ink and all the printer showed was a red light. What in the world does that mean? It could mean paper jam, out of ink, overheated, someone dropped it or let lotion drip into it (yeah i know that one from experience). The only way you would know is by going to your computer to check. This one is different! There is a little display window (that you can adjust to lay flat or sit up for easier reading), that will tell you exactly what is going on with your printer! You can also troubleshoot from the printer without having to run back to your laptop.

here's why a wireless printer is convenient in your home: a lot of people have laptops these days. I love my laptop, but what I HATE is being tethered to other appliances. What is the point in paying hundreds of dollars for a laptop if you are going to be hooked to other devices? I can send a print job from anywhere in my home! I can lay in bed and have the printer in another room doing its job. Furthermore it's bluetooth ready. I can have the printer print out pictures or documents straight from my phone! Now I don't have to hook up my phone to my computer or take out the memory card! It's very freeing!

The downside?
The paper. The Kodak paper is expensive. If your only interest is in printing pictures, see if you can truly afford the paper first. Other than that you can use any kind of paper out there, so use the cheap stuff, use the expensive stuff it doesn't matter!
There's no fax. I really would like to be able to send and receive faxes, but with e-mail these days...faxing is almost phased out!

I really love this printer (even more than the $50 dollar printer my husband originally picked up). It's well worth the money, and maybe you won't use every function it has to offer, but the ones you do use will definatley impress you!

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 112

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