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Koss Clipper Ear-Hook Headphones - Blue

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Koss KSC-22 Ear Clip Phones: A Tragedic Saga of Failures, Part 2

Jun 15, 2003
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Pros:Reportedly comfortable and secure for larger ears.

Cons:Won't fit small ears AT ALL, sound only OK.

The Bottom Line: Terrible for anyone with small ears; may be OK for others. Sound only so-so.


I have small ears set close to my head, and I’ve had a devil of a time finding the right earphones to wear with my MP3 player. You can’t beat an earbud’s ability to deliver soundwaves directly to your eardrum, but most earbud speakers are uncomfortably large for me, and many of them have inferior sound. I don’t like the over-the-head style, and my very limited experience with street style phones was horrid. I was willing to spend up to $30 to try to find something better than what I currently have. So I made an experimental purchase of two different alternatives- the Sony clip-ons and Koss earbuds known as “The Plug.” I figured I would decide which ones to keep and which to return. I’ve also included comments on another pair of Koss ear clip phones that I previously tried and rejected. I originally wrote these as one review, but due to posting requirements, I’ve broken them up into three separate reviews with the same preface.

I tested all of these 'phones using my Diva MP3 player with all the equalizer settings on the player flat. I did not tweak the EQ settings while trying them— I like the sound on the flat setting with the phones that came with the Diva, and if the new phones can’t do at least as well, back to the store they go, says I. I shouldn’t have to pay more so I can tweak it to get it to sound as good. At the time, the Diva happened to have mostly classical and new age music loaded on it.

I’ll also make my standard disclaimer when it comes to audio equipment— I’m no audiophile and my comments are made from the point of view of an average and not particularly finicky listener. If you consider yourself a real audiophile, you may think my comments are way off base, but I doubt there’s a pair of $20 earphones out there that will satisfy you anyway.

None of these earphones come with any kind of carry case— no wind-up, no pouch, nothing. So they WILL get tangled. They all have average length cords—I didn’t make a note of the measurements, but they seem neither unusually short nor long.

Koss KSC-22 Ear Clips

These are different from the Sony clip-ons in that the speaker is the size of an earbud instead of the larger size of most of the clip-ons. It’s essentially an earbud with an extra wire much like a pair of sunglasses that goes around the ear and holds it for extra security. They market these as being great for strenuous activity— they even have a picture of a very happy-looking woman doing aerobics on the package. However, I could not get these to stay on at all. I think the earbud part is supposed to go in your ear like a regular earbud, but it’s a largish earbud and I could barely get it in place. Once I had it sort of in place I found to my dismay the sunglass part is nowhere near the correct placement. You may be able to bend the wire to custom fit it to your ear, but the wire feels pretty stiff, and I worried I would break it right off the speaker, so I didn’t mess with it.

Because I had such trouble getting these on, I didn’t give them much of a listen, but I did cram them brutally into my ears and listen for a few minutes. The sound was OK, but seemed a little muffled compared to the Sonys, and the highs were not as clear and crisp.

Because I couldn’t get them to fit, I immediately wrote these off as a bad cause, but I should note that instead of returning them, I let my SO try them, and he likes them just fine. He listens to audio books in bed a lot, and he says they stay in place so well that sometimes he falls asleep and they’re still in place in the morning, unlike his old earbuds. He also finds them very comfortable. He has no opinion on the sound, since he tends to use them for listening to old grainy radio programs encoded at low bitrates anyway.

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