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Koss UR10 Headband Headphones - Silver/Black

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The Koss UR-10 Stereophones: Because Ten Bucks is Ten Bucks

Mar 29, 2006 (Updated Feb 21, 2007)
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Pros:Ten bucks, works pretty well, no ear wax.

Cons:Short cord may strangle cubicle rockstars.

The Bottom Line: Ten bucks is ten bucks. A serviceable pair of ear phones for cube farmers everywhere.

You see them everywhere in Manhattan these days, in the subways, on the streets. They congregate in groups, walk single file, and gesture to each other with nods and eye contact. Sometimes, they point. They are oblivious to people not like themselves. No, they are not the Pod People from the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. They are the iPod people…with their ear buds, iBuds (?).

When it came time for me to get a set of stereophones, I thought of the iPod people and their ear buds. I also thought of ear wax, tinnitus, and ear whigs eating my brain like in Star Trek: the Wrath of Khan. The prospect of finding leftover ear wax alone means never share your headphones. Gross. Ear whigs are scary. Tinnitus is a disease which makes people my age say “what?” a lot. I’ve been to enough rock concerts to know what it is. Tinnitus. Rhymes with Saint Vitas in an ironic way. [Saint Vitas Dancing is name given to people who dance with mania.]

I need my hearing and currently work as a cube farmer. The cubicle life in a Dilbert world. No rocking out in an office anymore. I need to hear people sneaking up on me. I also find myself strangely attracted by cooking smells and fresh baked goods now. My ass is spreading.

I elected to go with old school over the head stereophones.

I also did absolutely no research. I walked into a store and bought a pair of Koss UR-10 Stereophones for about ten bucks ($10.00) on my lunch hour. Because ten bucks is ten bucks.

The Koss UR-10 stereophones are spiffy, black and silver, retro looking. Retrosexually cool. Plastic with luxurious usage of vinyl and foam. Pretty comfortable. Music sounds pretty good through them. I play my music loud enough to drown out the pumped in white noise, but low enough to hear the phone. No complaints. And ten bucks is ten bucks.

They come with a limited lifetime warranty which is intriguing. Will they replace my sweaty broken down headphones in a couple years? Stay tuned. Can I replace the ear foams? The warranty doesn’t cover multiple users. This must be the ear wax amendment. It only covers “normal use by the initial user or purchaser of this particular Koss product.”

They’re made in China which is disappointing. Why can’t American manufacturers manufacture in the USA? With illegal aliens. What if the Chinese are implanting listening devices in these things, or ear whigs, perhaps an ear wax virus? Scary times Huh?What’s the Department of Homeland Insecurity doing about that?

[We invented rock n' roll, the most individualist of art forms, yet we farm out the manufacture of head phones for workplace drones to escape the monotony of office workhouses in the capitalist system, to the collective evil of the communist system, which now has the world's fastest growing economic powerhouse. Irony is not pretty.]

The stereophones are rated at 60-20,000 Hz, with an impedance of 32 ohms, sensitivity of 94 dB, distortion ratio of less than 0.5%. Basically, that means your dog can wear them and still hear a dog whistle, because dogs have great hearing, unlike Pete Townshend who has tinnitus. He probably never wore the Koss UR10 stereophones because Roger Daltrey would have called him a dork.

There are three possible disadvantages to the stereophones that I’ve encountered: (1) stereophone head after hours of usage, (2) ear sweat, and (3) the tethered feeling from a four foot cord. With the Koss UR-10 Stereophones, you are solidly tethered to your lap top or PC (it’s a straight plug-in people). You can’t rock out with more cowbell. You can nod your head vigorously but not too close to stationary objects in order to avoid head injury. If you are a soft skulled human, you may find some slight indentations in your skull at end of the work day. If you wear your hair in a comb-over style, you will need to shellac your head in the morning.

Other than it, I’m satisfied with my purchase [3 stars]. Granted, the Koss UR-10 is not for audiophiles. It's not meant for people who worry about air density, sound wave differential, and magnetic resonance variations when listening to music. Those people are better off with tin foil hats so they can pick up the radiowave instructions from planet anal that they're waiting on.

The Koss UR-10 is for the rest of us. Cubicle dwellers. Workplace drones who need a little music to keep up the cheer in a office of quiet desperation. It's a serviceable pair of earphones and a good value for a low price. It does the job. Ten bucks is ten bucks.

www.koss.com, http://www.catholic-forum.com/saintS/saintv07.htm

2007 Update
My Koss UR-10 headphones lasted about a year. I packed them roughly in my work bag and one of the thingys holding the ear pad to the expandable thingy that goes around your head broke off today (2/19/07). The headphone wire also tore. Bummed? Yes, I believe I am, but ten bucks is still ten bucks.

I got a year's worth of use out of them so I can't say it was a bad purchase. I forgot about the limited warranty and tossed them in the trash.

I looked to replace them with another pair but couldn't remember where I bought them. I replaced them with a pricier pair of Sony MDR-V150s instead.

Note to future users: watch how you pack them. cheers

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