Make Unique Batman Themed Treats With This Amazing And Versatile Silicone Mold

Jul 20, 2012
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Pros:Oven and freezer safe, two different size logos, easy to use.

Cons:Logos need to be bigger, gelatin is a little tricky to get out.

The Bottom Line: Make snack time a little more adventurous with custom made Batman themed treats!

Silicone molds and baking cups are a great investment for bakers of all levels; when you combine it with something like the Batman logo you get something that geeks and freaks will love. Priced at about ten dollars, this mold yields a total of seven Batman logos in two different sizes. While this is something that people will think is only for ice cubes, it can be used in the oven too. This means you can make Bat Signal Cupcakes without having to cut out the logo on an oval piece or you could use gelatin to make amazing looking low calorie or sugar free mini desserts.

When using this for ice cubes you are going to get decent looking pieces but if you use a lemonade mix and cut back on the water you are going to be able to get a nicer yellow color. I still haven't found a way to easily dye the actual bat section of it without it breaking down. I am going to try to use some black cherry drink mix with a plain gelatin mix and use a reduced amount of water so the piece will stay solid; when it sets up I am going to add the lemon flavored gelatin and pray that the two pieces stick together the way I want them to.

The mold contains four large and three small Batman cavities; they all have the same design to them and there is no wording or text to them. The mold is yellow silicone so there is flex to it; you can make awesome looking mini cakes with this but you can't overfill the compartments or you will end up with a hump on the top [which is actually the bottom when you flip them over]. That can present a problem when you go to decorate them. You can slice off the hump with a knife or use a cake leveler to remove it. Decorating is easy with royal icing; just coat the entire thing with a nice banana yellow icing then allow it to set up then apply black icing to the Batman logo. This can take a while for the icing to set up so give yourself enough time to let them harden completely. Do the icing on a wire rack so the excess drips off and doesn't pool at the bottom sides of the cake.

For gelatin you are going to want to let this set up for at least four hours before you try to twist them out of the mold; I did them with one color just to see how they would pop out and only one of the small ones got destroyed. I wish that the logo was a little deeper so you could decorate it a little easier but I have the feeling that if it were deeper you might run in to trouble getting whatever you have in the mold out in one piece. What else can you do with this? Anything you might try with another silicone mold but since this has the Batman logo you are going to want to make sure that you can get whatever you put in it back out when it freezes or sets up. Angel food cake worked great in other molds but because of the logo cavity of this I have the feeling that it would not be a solid piece when it came out of the mold.

Even though this is silicone you still need to make sure that it gets washed out and air dried. If you are going to try to make cookie prints in it [pressing cooking dough into the mold so you get a flat cookie from it] you are going to need to let the cookies dry completely before you try to get them out. If you try to rush it you are going to end up with cracked cookies. I've made a couple different things with the mold and it yields some nice looking mini cakes and gelatin ovals but if you are pressed for time or don't have a lot of patience then this is something that you should skip getting.

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