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Kramer Fungi Nail Toe and Foot Ointment .7 oz (053076174502)

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Oh my darn big toe got me, needed Kramer Fungi Nail to the rescue

May 14, 2013
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Pros:Rubs in easily on cuticle, brush gets into crevices, no smell, not sticky

Cons:Cannot be placed directly on nail, some places costly

The Bottom Line: Your feet are precious. If gifted with large pores on soles why curse with neglect ? Treat, use as directed, works effectively, No smell nor sticky

I am not sure if this problem occurs more frequently because of my heritage and DNA or because around the house when I am not working in leather shoes and cotton socks all day for hours on end, barefoot walking is more acceptable. It is causing nasty yellowing on the one big toe I ripped the toenail off many many years ago that just hates being my big toe nail !

The summer time months are getting closer and if I do tend to travel out, not on gigs where closed shoes are expected, but fun-time adventures where my pretty toes can be exposed I need to fix the problem that reared its ugly foot up the appearance butt !

I developed a fungal infection from wearing polish far too long, forgetting about getting into the crevices and paying very close attention to those tootsies and the big toe got back at me. I was lazy and won't go to a professional for a costly pedicure.

I looked in my food / mood journal thinking it might be something I eat that keeps this problem recurring and making wearing a shoe on that foot, quite painful. Besides the fungal infection, I had an ingrown nail turning downwards and cutting in because I kept these tootsie-nails rather short; obviously too short and the quick bit me !

The infection is hard to notice except with the common sticky feet syndrome when wearing shoes that do not let your feets integument breathe according to raising temperature being on the move all the time.
The type of socks worn help also but if your sensitive like me, the feet get affected first. The condition is athletes foot caused by irritation and bacteria caused by a ring worm or tinea corporis the infection called technically by medical doctors.

Interesting though I have not been in public areas with bare feet nor have been to stores trying on new shoes to have been attacked by some ringworm or any worm but this type of fungus underneath the nail bed does NOT require an insect to make smelly, calcium-rich deposits that turn rancid due to exposure to air and pollutants in and around your home or anywhere you walk in shoes that absorb instead of repel, the environment.

Now on with my review . . .


I cannot find any documentation showing recent allergic reactions to the main ingredient in here but it is a fatty acid manufactured into a liquid solution that if any of the common reactions like itching, hives, swelling of any part of body (tongue, lips) to contact poison control center and go to ER immediately.

Though this is uncommon, follow warnings on carton and tube, each indicating not to use on broken skin or pus-filled areas like acne or warts. Consult your doctor before using if unsure on any aspect of self-help and treatment. 


A rectangle box with the solution pen inside. The cap twists off and liquid from one end fills into the other end captured by a fine brush ready to fit in between the crevices of nail and cuticle where infection of fungus is growing steadily. I click mine about 4 times instead of the directed 3 to ensure getting enough into the holding cell so I can brush it into the affected areas of that one darn nail !

The packaging is black, gold, red and white with labeling on the rear panel using small font size text to direct, warn list ingredient and a bunch of other stuff included in the rest of this review.

|| CAUTION(s) || 

As per indicated on the back of the package in very small letters:

For external use only.

From the web searches I did on the main ingredient there is caution to using while pregnant even though there is not enough documentation good or bad, but absorbance issues go against using this during that gestation and lactation time.

There is a warning about using on children younger than two and that makes sense as there skin is still very light, not resilient to any foreign agents leaking into it more concentrated and not having enough built up immunity to use the chemical properly, so I agree with their non-recommendation. Lastly it states to avoid contact with eyes.


This information was taken directly off the package and is replicated on the smaller tube inside:

Clean affected area with soap and warm water, dry thoroughly. Apply a thin layer of Fungi-Nail Brand Toe & Foot Anti-Fungal Solution over affected area twice daily (morning and night) or as directed by a doctor. The brush applicator allows for easy application under nails and surrounding cuticle area. Wear well-fitting, ventilated shoes and change your shoes and socks once a day.”

**For athletes foot pay special attention to spaces between toes and use daily for 4 weeks if ringworm accompanies the athletes foot. As I said I did not have ringworm, just a bashed toenail that never grew back in properly and with me neglecting it, served me right to have to treat it with this.

|| Drug FACTS || 

This particular fatty acid (the main ingredient) stops fungus from growing further by suffocating its nutrient path, whatever that may be. It could be your diet, your sweat capacity, your heritage DNA or just simply you neglect a very important part of your body trashing it daily with pointy shoes, fancy material silky stockings, non- manmade material shoes, walking barefoot through grime and not taking time to wash skin underneath those toes and so on and so on.

|| Health Benefits || 

My step-pop always reminded us kids to keep our feet clean a big thing learned in the military and he served in the Army. Your feet are precious and if they are gifted with the largest pores on the soles of those feet why curse them with neglect ?

I wouldn’t of had to use this after all these months if I just took the time to baby my tootsies like I am supposed to. But I am glad I found this product and it is not delivering just a temporary fix, it is really dissolving the actual fungus and my toe is beginning to resemble a light pale rosy color again.



The main ingredient is a particular fatty acid called Undecylenic Acid and there is a 25% concentrated amount of it suspended and fervently professionally chemically mixed with the inactive ingredient called Isopropyl Palmitate (a palm oil derived thickening agent).

The inactive ingredient is also not known to cause any allergic reactions but check with your doctor if you are not sure. BTW--on products such as this ingredients are NOT likely to change just vary in concentration percentages; however ALWAYS check against label, websites, and even doctors advice for ingredients on almost everything else changes almost indefinitely.


Unfortunately this Kramer Fungi Nail Toe and Foot Ointment .7 oz is not meant to be placed directly on the nail or scalp as those are two places where absorbancy matters and with the former the surface is far too hard to penetrate chemically and while the latter is too easily attracted and can cause unlikely reactions also not documented but warned against not using in these areas.
Follow the directions specifically and you should be toe fungus free in no time; otherwise you could make the problem worse.


As directed following this to the letter, the product does and offers what it says it will. My toe is much healthier than when I started on Sunday and the mild tingling is even gone. The tingling may be from another set of problems but if it was related to the infection exclusively, it is now disappearing too and I thank this solution for it.

|| My VERDICT || 

The summer time means open shoes and pretty toes, I am able to get both as long as I deliver the utmost attention my footsies deserve. If I am nice to them, they are nice to me.

This Kramer Fungi Nail Toe and Foot Ointment .7 oz treatment does not last long, is not painful, needs no bandaging or other medical equipment or accessories, just love, warm socks, some Epsom salts and a stead hand to apply it.

The affordability, the ease of use, no smell, no pain, much gain after directed use-- I rate this product a high five ***** stars !

Thank you for reading and I hope this was useful to you.

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