Krylon K03150 Glowz Aerosol Spray Paint, 6-Ounce, Glow-In-The-Dark Reviews
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Krylon K03150 Glowz Aerosol Spray Paint, 6-Ounce, Glow-In-The-Dark

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Give Your Ghosts Some Extra Glow With Krylon Glowz

Jan 5, 2013
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Pros:Easy to use, good glow power, possibility of good results.

Cons:Multiple layers needed, only six ounces per can, hard to find.

The Bottom Line: If you want to add some glow in the dark appeal to decorations, Krylon Glowz is worth trying.

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays for a lot of reasons. I love decorating and making unique things; some are cute and some are spooky. I started looking for Krylon Glowz after someone raved about how well it worked on plastics; the quality of the results that you can get from this are going to depend on a lot of things. The temperature and humidity level you are using it in, the type of surface you are applying it to, how much glow you want from it, where it is going to be used, how much coverage you need and the things you are applying it to. If something already has a glow in the dark paint on it you can add this to boost the color but there are some types of plastic that this is not going to stick to so don't get your hopes up about how well this is going to work. For smaller things like boxes or plastic decorations you can get a good result from it but you need to test it to make sure it isn't going to bead off of it. For poster board it will work but you are going to need to do at least two or three coats and that could lead to the paper warping if you don't give it enough time to dry completely.

What kind of results can you get from this? It really depends on what you are going to be doing with it. For smaller pieces you are going to have to do at least two coats to get it to glow with any deal of brightness. That means you have to give it time to dry between applications. I used this on latex balloons that were inflated, I had to do four coatings with this to get it to glow as brightly as I wanted. For solid things like plastic you might be able to get away with three coats. It's important to allow the layers to dry or you are going to end up with it bubbling or sliding off of whatever you are applying it to. This is not the best glow in the dark spray paint I have ever used and in hindsight I am sort of kicking myself for listening to what people said about it. It will work on certain things but the things that it did not work on included ghosts made from pieces of cotton [they were formed and molded so they were solid pieces that had been put over balloons to form the shape after a glue mix was used to soak them],

I had to go to six different stores to find this and when I did find it, it was in a locked cage that someone had to unlock. I had to pay for it at the register in the paint aisle and I had to show identification for it. While I don't look my age, I would never pass for an 18 year old. If you are going to get this make sure you are going to be hitting stores that sell Krylon products. If you are getting this online chances are you are going to have to pay a hazardous material handling fee because it is a aerosol product; that can almost double or triple the price of it so make sure you know that going in to the purchase. There are some extremely deceptive sellers online that will quote you one price and end up charging your credit card an extra shipping or handling fee. When I looked for this online there was a lot of incorrect information about shipping; this can not ship by air so it has to go ground so when you see a website advertising expedited shipping they are either clueless about the product, have it listed incorrectly, are really selling a paint instead of an aerosol or are going to charge you for next day delivery and then ship it ground.

There are pros and cons to Krylon Glowz; there are things that it will work on and things that it won't work on. Treat this like you would any other type of spray paint or aerosol product and read the warnings on it. If you are going to use this for something that is going to be used outside you are going to want to use a sealer over it so that it doesn't flake off. You get a nice green glow from multiple layers but as mentioned there are going to be things that this is not going to work on. Cardboard boxes, slick plastics, PVC pipe, cloth, clothing, glass, sealed wood and aluminum are surfaces that this is not going to work on. You might get it to stick to some of those things but when I tried this on them for decorations for Halloween but you probably won't get the glow you want from it. I might buy this again if I needed something in a pinch but I plan on trying other spray paint glow in the dark products. I did get good results from the ghosts but they were formed on balloons with a glue mixture so they were a solid piece with texture not a loose fabric.

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