L'Oréal L'Oreal Feria Pure Intense Lightening Kit, Blonding, Extra Bleach Blonde 205 Reviews

L'Oréal L'Oreal Feria Pure Intense Lightening Kit, Blonding, Extra Bleach Blonde 205

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'Should She?', L'Oreal Feria Pure Intense Lightening Kit, Extra Bleach Blonde 205

Jul 18, 2012
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Pros:Because of the pre-strand test, We knew what to expect! Overall, Easy!`

Cons:If only the dotted line on the packets, were more concise. Spilling wouldn't happen!

The Bottom Line: As long as you follow the directions, and not skip any part, you should have a successful time.

'Yes she should!, Why?, "Because,'she is worth it!'" My daughter called and asked me if I would come over and dye her hair.  

I asked, "What if you don't like it when I am finished?" She said,  "No problem we shall just re dye it back to the normal color!" I said, "Ok, then just remember I am not doing it, if you are going to be upset!" Also, the directions say, that you can't re dye your hair for at least three weeks!  She assured me, she understood, and I drove over to her house to dye her hair with  L'Oreal Feria Pure Intense Lightening Kit, Blonding, Extra Bleach Blonde 205!" 

I can't wait to find out, 'If it is true that Blonde's have more fun!'...(Big Smiles)

The first thing we did, was to identify the items in the box of  L'Oreal Feria Pure Intense Lightening Kit, Blonding, Extra Bleach Blonde 205!:

Colourist gloves, (1 pair)
Shimmering Oil (1)
Shimmering Developing Creme, Applicator Bottle, with Tip for easy applications.(2)
Shimmering Lightening Powder packets two packets, labled (3)
Shimmer Boost Conditioner (4)

(These warnings are taken from the Instruction Sheet:)

(There are a lot of warnings, and alternate instructions, I am including them all, because someone, may be having some of those issues for a question.)

(Also, throughout the warnings, and alternate instructions, I have included, what and where we changed things.  I tried to include  why, or where we had a problem, and how we fixed it, Those are done just like this, in parentheses, and in bold/italic words) 

(I hope it isn't too confusing!)

First and foremost:
* The package says, Always Read Safety Warnings Before Lightening!
* Keep out of reach of Children!
* Do NOT use on Children!
*Wear Gloves, provided in kit!
* Always prepare and use this product according to the directions!
* Do NOT use on eyebrows or eyelashes, to do so may cause Blindness!
*Do NOT get mixture into eyes; to do so may cause blindness! If Mixture does get into eyes, rinse out immediately with lukewarm water.  If irritation persists, get medical attention.
*If you need to wear contact lenses during application and mixture gets into eyes, remove lenses first, then flush immediately with lukewarm water.  If irritation persists; get medical attention.
*Avoid contact with skin, If contact occurs, rinse immediately with lukewarm water and get medical attention if irritation(including redness, burning, pain or itching) occurs.  If irritation does occur, discontinue use of product.
*Do NOT apply powder or mixture directly to scalp; irritation or blistering could occur.
*Do Not cover hair or apply heat while product is on your hair.
*Do NOT use on facial hair such as male beard or moustache.
*Examine your scalp, if there are any cuts, scratches or abrasions, or if your scalp is sensitive or irritated, do not proceed.
*Do Not shampoo hair for two days prior to lightening; to do so could over-stimulate scalp and cause sensitivity.
*Do Not brush hair hard before using.  Brush lightly only to remove hair spray residue.
*Wait at least two weeks before using this product on a new perm.
*Do NOT use if your hair has been processed with a hair straightener or relaxer.
*Do Not use over metallic dyes, colour restorers, compound hennas, hennas or semi-permanent hair-colour.  Wait until hair treated with these products has grown-out or semi-permanent hair-colour has washed away. *Hair breakage or discolouration could result. 
*Do Not use on brittle or damaged hair.
*Discard any leftover mixture, Do not store prepared mixture; the container may burst.  Dispose of unused mixture before discarding used applicator bottle.  
*Do not apply any bleach more than once in 24 hours.  Allow at least 3 weeks to elapse between lightening applications to avoid sensitivity/  
*Use only plastic or glass utensils, clips or combs; never metal.  
*Do Not mix the components of this kit with any other product.
*Store and use at room temperature (50degrees F to 80 degree F).

(This was also taken from the Instruction Sheet!)

Do a lightening preview test for perfect blonding:

1.  Cut a strand (8 to 10 hairs or 1/4 inch wide) from center back of head where hair is darkest and tape one end. 
2.  Wear gloves, provided in kit.  Prepare a small amount of lightening mixture as follows:  In a small plastic or glass container, add 1/2 teaspoon of Shimmering Lightening Powder to 2 teaspoons of Developing Creme.  Stir.  Then add 1 teaspoon of Shimmering Oil, Mix until smooth.
Note: you needed only to open one powder packet if you are doing a lightening preview test.
3.  Apply mixture to taped strand of hair.  Wait 30 minutes/  Wipe lightening mixture from strand with tissue.  Check for desired shade of lightness.  If hair lightness is achieved.  Never leave lightening mixture on strand longer than 60 minutes.
4.  Rinse the strand of hair thoroughly and dry.
5.  The time required to achieve the necessary degree of lightness will be your time guide when lightening.

(WHEN WE DID THIS, OUR TEST TIME WAS FOR 45 MINUTES DUE TO HER MEDIUM UNTREATED BROWN HAIR)(We found out here, that we could not get her hair to go beyond a 'honey blonde', as we didn't dare go beyond the 60 minutes.  She said she was happy with the color sample.) 

(The continued Directions from the Instruction Sheet)

Get Ready

*Be sure your hair is dry, un-shampooed and de-tangeled.
*Put on Colourist Gloves, Drape towel over shoulders to protect clothing.
*Twist off cap of Shimmering Developing Creme(2), then discard*.

*(We found on the internet, that they kept the cap here to reapply to shake the product thoroughly, Once all the products were thoroughly mixed, we then put the Special applicator tip onto the bottle.)(So, that is what we did, as well!)

*Shake Shimmering Lightening Powder packets (two packets labelled (3)) to loosen contents.
Cut off corner of each packet at dotted line and carefully pour entire contents of both packets into bottle (2) (one packet at a time).


(Continued directions from the Instruction Sheet)

* Be sure the packet openings are completely inside neck of bottle.  Keep packets away from eyes and face.
*Screw Pro-touch applicator tip onto bottle(2). Placing gloved finger over opening, point bottle away from face and shake well.
*Remove Pro-Touch applicator tip. Pour entire contents of Shimmering Oil (1) into bottle (2).  Replace applicator tip.  Placing gloved finger over opening, Point bottle away from face and shake vigorously until mixture becomes rich and creamy.

You are instructed, if you have longer hair,(more than one inch long) 

*You should lighten length first: leave on evenly distributed Mixture so it is visible all over applied areas, Use about 2/3 of the mixture. Leave on for 20-30 minutes.  

*Then Lighten roots:  Apply remainder of mixture on the on-inch root area. Gently smooth mixture onto roots. Saturating thoroughly. 
*Time for an additional 20 minutes.  Check results. If you are not satisfied, leave on for 5 minutes, more, Continue to check every 5 minutes until desired lightness is achieved.
*Total Time is 40 to 60 minutes. 
*Timing should not exceed 60 minutes. 
*Proceed to 'rinse, condition and shimmer' in step #3 below. 

(*When checking on the internet, for any further instructions the following was mentioned:

(We also found that you should do an Allergy test on a tiny place on your skin, 24 hours a head of doing this procedure.)
(We did not do the allergy test, as my daughter had just done one, a few weeks ago, with her girlfriend, when they did her hair!)

(Very important for 'Me to be Clear', that 'you should' do an allergy test!)

You may need two  L'Oreal Feria Pure Intense Lightening Kit, Blonding, Extra Bleach Blonde 205if your hair is below shoulder length.)  

(My daughter's hair is shorter hair( less than one inch long)

(So we used the following directions from the Instruction Sheet

*Right after mixing, apply Bleach Blonde to hair. 
*Work from front to back. Evenly disperse mixture all over your hair so it is visible on each strand.

(I Actually used the Tip of the Applicator, in order to divide into rows as I applied the Mixture so I was sure to get it in close to the roots.

(That was also discovered from the internet directions or

(Also, during the application step, we needed to be extra careful, as my daughter's dog, and my dog, who are still puppies.)  

(Therefore, they are very curious of the slightest thing.  Included in thier curiosities, would be the slightest drip to the floor, of the Mixture.)  

(That would be a disaster, So we had paper towels, at the ready, and we both kept a 'keen eye' for the slightest drip.)  

(We actually did well, I didn't spill a drop, which is actually unusual for me!)  (Whew, Relieved Smiles)

  *A thick, white coating should be visible and evenly distributed all over applied areas.

(We Actually paid close attention to her forehead roots, sideburns, and all the way down the back of the hair)
*You may not need to use all product.

 (We Actually only needed 1/2 bottle of Mixture)

*Time for 30 minutes.  Check results.  If you are not satisfied, leave on for 5 minutes until desired lightness is achieved.

(While we waited and watched the clock, I did a manicure on my daughter's hands.  We have noticed, in the real Beautician's shop, that there are times they use this waiting time, to do a manicure, also.)

(The Total time for my daughter's short hair was actually 45 minutes, because she had Medium dark brown, Untreated Hair)

Timing should not exceed 60 minutes.
*Proceed to 'rinse, condition and shimmer" in step #3 below.

3.  Rinse, condition and Shimmer:  

When time is up, keeping gloves on, thoroughly rinse product from hair using warm water.
Squeeze excess water from hair.
Apply the Shimmer Boost Conditioner (4) to hair.  Work through and let penetrate for two minutes.  Rinse thoroughly with warm water until water runs clear.  No need to shampoo.

(This final step was uneventful, and worked according to the Instruction sheet, for us.)

Final Thoughts to Summarize:

When we were finished, and she blow-dried her hair, she and I were very happy with the results!

Her hair was more of a "honey Blonde", not as Extra Bleached Blonde, as we thought it would be in the beginning.

(But, as I said above, in the testing strands, that we found then, that the 'honey Blonde', would be the lightest we could safely go.)  

We would have had to leave it on a lot longer, and we didn't dare to extend the time!  Although, it was a drastic change, just the same!

But that was the look she wanted! Not to mention, her hands looked lovely all at the same time, after I finished up her manicure! (Successful Smiles!)

We actually enjoyed our time playing "Beautician"!  We both love learning how to do the different things done by the real 'Beautician's!  

So, when ever possible, we watch the real 'Beautician's at work in a shop,  and ask questions!(Many, many, questions!)  

What we don't find while watching a real 'Beautician', in their shop,  we are able to find on (Youtube.com).  

All that is needed for that, is once we are logged into (Youtube.com) we just do a simple search for whatever procedures we are trying to learn.

By us learning as we go, to do these different Beauty procedures, we are having quality time together, and We are also saving a lot of money, since we are both on a budget.

I hope I have answered all your questions, and showed you to the best of my ability, All the different things to look for, as well as the alternative directions, so that this could apply to your experience, if your hair is longer or shorter.   

Don't forget your allergy test!  Also, Don't forget your pre-strand test, to be sure it is going to look the way you are anticipating! 

Thank you for reading, rating and commenting if you would like, I always love to hear from you no matter what the comment or question! 

If you see someone, in the meantime, without a Smile, Please give them one of Yours!   Here is a Big Smile, from Me to You! 

Have a Happy Day, 

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