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DAUGHTRY LEAVE THIS TOWN much more of the same, for good or bad

Mar 28, 2012
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Pros:the singles are good

Cons:the rest is basically filler

The Bottom Line: Some artists you either love or hate, Daughtry is somewhere in the middle where you can take him or leave him.


So Chris Daughtry had lost the contest of the reality show American Idol. Sometimes, if you lose – you win. The band Daughtry has had success with their first three albums, especially their first album Daughtry, which won 4 times platinum (4 million records sold), their third and most recent CD had sold a bit more modestly reaching only gold award status (1 million dollars worth of record sold). The band’s second album Leave This Town reached Platinum status and spawned two successful singles. The band has followed the rock genre of the early 21st century, which is basically Pop played loudly. Daughtry’s vocal ability is without a doubt impressive. His powerful voice has a sharp edge while owning the ability to always sound melodic.

Listening to his second album, Leave This Town now, it reminds me a lot of the first album. While there were a small handful of good songs, the large crop of filler songs feel like early prototypes for the real songs, or the singles. The first single, No Surprise is one of the best break-up songs ever written. The lyrics talk about the positive side of a break up, while still retaining a heavy dose of emotion filled with lament as well. The track has a great dynamic quality with silence, low volume and the full volume of a stadium rock concert. The song has five people credited for the song, which seems excessive, yet it could account for the song’s near perfection. What ruins a song like this are similar less stellar songs like Every Time You Turn Around, a raucous song so monotonous it offends my ears.

Chris has learned that he has found an audience within those who like the Christian Rock genre. His songs get played on their stations, and so I’m guessing to stay safe and keep these avenues open the band writes at least one song that is engineered for Christian radio. Open Up Your Eyes is a song that generally talks about the afterlife and a couple reuniting there after death. In my opinion, the lyrics don’t hit the mark of being inspirational in a Christian sense and the music is nothing special. Happily, not all of the filler is cow dung; the opening track You Don’t Belong is a strong song, a good opener for the CD. It’s a powerful rocker that is fun to sing along to, and I actually finding myself tapping along to the song. Another real good track is Life After You, (which happens to be another single off the album), another song with a butt-load of names in the ‘by line.’ The song opens with an acoustic guitar for the verses; then the chorus gets powerful enough to make the point the lyrics are trying to put across.

The third and final single is September, another song that is fun to sing along to. The song has a Country feel, while it still retains plenty of power chords to fool the average fan. The song’s draw tends to get old pretty quick unfortunately. The title of the album comes from the lyrics in this song, and just in case they’d think you’d miss it – the three words are all in CAPS. A song that the band may have quickly thought might have the potential to be another single is Tennessee Line. The band played this at the CMA awards with Vince Gill sitting in as well. I remember watching the performance and hoping that they’ll give me a good song that I’ll like, but there were no tingles. Now as I listen to the track here, everything about it just drones on until it wears your ears down to little nubs.

The same goes with Supernatural, and I feel like I’m a bit too harsh in judgment here on these songs. The bad tracks aren’t horrible garbage, they actually have potential and with the right producer to help Daughtry mold these songs, it would have been a great album. But instead you’re reaching for the ipecac to induce some sonic vomit because it’s just too much of the same noise. I wish it wasn’t so predictably blah, it needs a lot more variety, and I’m afraid this may be the reason why his album sales dropped so much with each album. Unless Daughtry make their fourth album something different and with substance, the band could lose their record deal, and that would be a shame because like I said and believe they have so much potential.

On a positive note, the album ends with an okay track called Call Your Name. Chris co-written the track with his drummer Joey Barnes, the only track on the CD with the drummer’s credit. I can see this track growing on me, unfortunately since it’s the last song it doesn’t get much play. I don’t know how the third album sounds; admittedly I even kind of ignored the single. I hope they get their act together. There is about two or three real good songs on this CD, which isn’t a good ratio, but then again, some of the “best bands” are lucky to hot that percentage, look at The Doobie Brothers.


The bonus DVD has the promotional music videos of six songs, including one from this album.


Leave This Town (Target exclusive w/DVD bonus disc)
Length: 46:55 minutes
Released: July 14th, 2009
Rating: 2½ stars
the Songs:
1. You Don’t Belong
2. No Surprise
3. Every Time You Turn Around
4. Life After You
5. What I Meant To Say
6. Open Up Your Eyes
7. September
8. Ghost of Me
9. Learn My Lesson
11.Tenessee Line
12.Call Your Name
the DVD:
1. It’s Not Over
2. Home
3. Over You
4. Feels Like Tonight
5. What About Now
6. No Surprise

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