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LEGO Atlantis Seabed Strider 7977 - 00673419143974

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Lego Atlantis Seabed Strider: No, That's Not A Big Angry Lobster

May 29, 2012 (Updated Jan 21, 2013)
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Pros:Two figures, nice convertible mech, easy to build.

Cons:Overpriced by resellers, stickered pieces / not stenciled.

The Bottom Line: A decent set for ten dollars and the mech can be used with a lot of other themes.

The Lego Atlantis theme was a nice addition to past underwater series; instead of one villain there are several. The Hammerhead Guardian is often confused with the Viktor Krum shark-boy figure from the Harry Potter series. I have no idea why people confuse these because they are from two totally different themes and the Hammerhead Guardian has a completely different head piece. I could see how Viktor and the Shark Warrior could be compared to each other but it's sort of hard to mistake them.

The Seabed Strider is a smaller set but it's not without its perks. While you are only getting two mini figures, they are both pretty sweet and a nice addition to the Atlantis family. Most of the sets, including this one, can be used with the older AquaZone / Aqua Raiders and Alpha Team - Mission Deep Sea sets. This is easy to build so it is something that younger kids can assemble without getting frustrated. I wish that the pieces were stenciled instead of coming with a sticker sheet / decal sheet but from a modification point of view it is nice to have the option of whether to use them or not. That also means that you can buy the sticker sheets from resellers to replace damaged elements or to create more of them from your cache.

One of the cooler things about the strider is that it has a different look than the other smaller underwater movers. This can be converted into a couple different things but even out of the box and posed looking like a mech it is a sweet addition to the theme. The red color of the strider is bold but it helps to se it apart from the other things in the set; the small podium / stand for the Atlantis crest is nice but is out of place with this set. The decals that come with the set are optional; if you are buying this as a multiple to make custom pieces you might want to leave them off until you decide how exactly you are going to use them. While it does look better with them on than with them off, it does take a steady hand to place them correctly so if you are giving this to a beginner builder you may want to help them with the decals. The strider can be converted into a sub but it looks a lot better as a mech; you get a couple of faceted gems with the set but if you are going to use this to its full potential you are going to want to add more of them from other sets.

Without a doubt the Hammerhead Guardian dominates the set; he makes the diver look wimpy in comparison. You are getting a lot of stenciled detail on the torso and legs of the diver but the oversized scuba piece and re-breather do block some of it. The sea creatures in the set have a basic torso and body composition but they have accent pieces that make them look amazing in or out of the theme. The Hammerhead Guardian has a small opening on the front so you can see some of the facial detail. To me it's too wicked to have it mostly hidden so I swapped it out with a plain black head peg and used the head peg from this one on a zombie. The set isn't heavy with weapons; you are getting a spear gum and the gold trident but since the figures are standard scale you can use weapons and accessories from other sets to increase their replay value.

This was one of the smaller sets in the Atlantis theme but something that you could do a lot with; it was priced at about ten dollars which isn't bad but resellers are asking as much as thirty for one set. Why? The threat of it being taken out of production as well as the overall fate of the theme. This happens every time new sets or series are introduced and people use it to their advantage to push scare tactics on buyers. You are getting some nice pieces with the set but this isn't worth more than ten dollars; if you find them selling cheap you can get multiples and make a small arm of them or use them as scavengers. The uses for them are limitless because they can be adapted for use with space themed sets like Life on Mars as well as other underwater sets. For the price it's a deal but anything more than ten dollars is a rip off.

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Lego Atlantis Collection
7976 - Ocean Speeder
7977 - Seabed Strider
7978 - Angler Attack
7984 - Deep Sea Raider
7985 - City of Atlantis
8056 - Monster Crab Clash
8057 - Wreck Raider
8058 - Guardian of The Deep
8059 - Seabed Scavenger
8060 - Typhoon Turbo Sub
8061 - Gateway of The Squid
8072 - Sea Jet
8073 - Manta Warrior
8075 - Neptune Carrier
8076 - Deep Sea Striker
8077 - Exploration HQ
8078 - Portal of Atlantis
8079 - Shadow Snapper
8080 - Undersea Explorer

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