Lego Atlantis Angler Attack: You're Gonna Need A Bigger Boat

Jun 27, 2012 (Updated Jan 21, 2013)
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Pros:Two figures, weapons, sweet angler, jewels, treasure chest.

Cons:Overpriced by most resellers, angler is a little on the delicate side.

The Bottom Line: A great Atlantis themed add on set but don't pay more than $20.00 for it.

The Lego Atlantis theme is a carryover from older underwater series like Aqua Raiders, AquaZone and Aquanauts. The Atlantis theme does have better characters though; the divers are mostly still basic figures with some scuba gear but when it comes to the meanies and the specialty figures, all of them are worth collecting individually as well as with sets. I wouldn't call this set a necessity unless you are someone that has the need to get every single set in a series; if you can find it for less than twenty dollars it is worth getting for the Barracuda Warrior and the actual angler but if you aren't committed to the theme then you can skip this without missing out on anything.

One of the coolest underwater vehicles in the series has to be the angler; not only does it have a couple of unique pieces to it but the teeth used for the front of it give it an incredibly evil look. From one side of the tank it looks almost comical with the bubble eyes but the fins used on the side are a nice touch [castle lovers will recognize these as the wings that were used for dragons]. It's not difficult to build but it is something that is on the delicate side so younger kids are going to have to be careful with it. The blue half orbs used for the eyes need to be protected, they will mar easily and once that happens it will take away from the whole angler. It is a flat bottom piece but if you are going to use it on a blue base plate you can use some clear bricks under it to elevate it a little to make it look like it is floating or swimming.

Even though you are only getting two figures with the set, the Barracuda Warrior is an amazing find. It's a completely non-typical character that reminds me of the Jawson piece from the Lego Space Police theme. If it were just divers in this set then you would probably be impressed with the detailing that they have but when you have any set with the underwater creatures in it, it makes it hard to look at the divers and think anything but 'generic'. Yes, I do love the stenciled torso but some of it is blocked with the front section of the scuba gear. The flippers are always great to use when you need to add some stability to a figure but if you are loading him up with weapons chances are you are still going to have problems with the figure tipping over.

Sadly the mini rover [done in red for this set] is too small and really doesn't look all that great with the diver on it or using it as a mover. You can convert it so that it is a flat piece that can pull him around. Other items in the set include a non metallic gold treasure chest, gold trident, spiny plants, tilted stenciled column, camera / light pack, faceted jewels, 6x6 sandstone mini plate and gold warrior helmet. Nothing in the set is hard to build but as mentioned, the angler is a little on the delicate side. This is suggested for kids ages seven and older because of the smaller pieces in the set. You are getting two weapons; the long spear gun and the gold trident. As a whole it is a nice add on set if you are in to the theme but as a stand alone there isn't a lot of replay value to it.

There are a couple of ways to modify the angler to give it a more sturdy frame but I strongly suggest that you build it according to the instructions first so that the fins will still have the ability to move. If you aren't worried about that aspect of it then customize it however you want. One of the sweetest mods I have seen of this added Technic bars to the eyes so they stuck out a little more and had more movement to them; because of that they were able to move around and 'see' more of its surroundings. Painting this is not recommended because you are going to end up having to paint about 80% of it to get rid of the strong green color of it. Even if you swap out the basic Lego pieces, you are still going to have a hard time completely converting the color.

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