LEGO DUPLO Disney Cars Exclusive Limited Edition Set #5839 World Grand Prix - 4611302 Reviews

LEGO DUPLO Disney Cars Exclusive Limited Edition Set #5839 World Grand Prix - 4611302

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Lego Duplo Cars World Grand Prix 5839, Lightning McQueen

Dec 26, 2011
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Pros:Tough, easy to stack, Cars characters, Stacking

Cons:Expensive, Not a lot of pieces

The Bottom Line: Cars 2 and Lego's come together. The 5839 set is fun.

I have caught bits and pieces of the first Cars movie, and have seen the previews for the second one. It is funny, and the reason my son was given this Lego Set #5839, was not about the movie at all. Rather, it is because he is obsessed about cars. Now he can say "cars", instead of "beep beeps," and he loves Lego's. Its a joy to see him stack them, and then of course, destroy all of the work he or my wife and I have put into the construction of a set. That is alright though, and this one is at least, one of the quickest to put back together. Of course, these are the "Duplo's" from Lego, for younger children and adults such as this one, who aren't exactly the most technically skilled individuals out there.

First of all, with this set you get three cars. These are from the movies Cars 2, and my son loves all of them. I think they look great, and look exactly like the characters from that cinematic production. Lightning McQueen, the Japanese, and Italian cars all are fantastic. In fact, they are my favorite part of this collection as well. First you have to put the "shell" of the car on top of a part that includes a lego, with wheels. These wheels are of decent quality, as while you will not win any speed contests by pushing them across a room, they perform fairly well. The main thing is that they are durable. The same goes for the Grand Prix set up, which has a small track entrance, a fence, and a place for the cars to be picked as #1, 2, or #3. You can't help but like the Grand Prix Trophy, as its bright silver in color, and can swivel around.

This is a good set. You do not get a lot of pieces, but it can be expanded upon. There are a lot of Cars/Cars 2 movie lego collections, and for the fun value, this one gets high marks.  The quality, and the bright colors are great for two year olds, and those whom love them. Just like the other Duplos, you are going to spend some money, but these building blocks are tough. They are easy to clean, as we had a slight yogurt issue, and the stacking is simple enough. This one cost $49.99, and although expensive, it is worth it. The best part is the cars, and these can also be used with other Duplo/Lego sets, and so that makes the play value even higher. You can get this at toy stores and Internet based retailers, and I recommend it.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 49.99
Type of Toy: Blocks
Age Range of Child: 3 to 5 Years

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LEGO DUPLO Disney Cars Exclusive Limited Edition Set #5839 World Grand Prix
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