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Lego NinjaGo Nya Spinner Set: Beware Of Grinning Girls With Golden Daggers

Mar 23, 2012
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Pros:Nice weapons, great torso stenciling, game cards.

Cons:Overpriced for what you get.

The Bottom Line: If you have been waiting for the Lego NinjaGo Spinner sets to drop in price, now is the time to get them.

Lego NinjaGo Spinner sets should have been an awesome venture into multi level product branding. On one side you have the NinjaGo building sets that have a strong resemblance to the older Lego Ninja them and then on the Spinner side you have the ability to battle your characters. The backstory on NinjaGo is interesting but it was never fully pushed by Lego. With other comparable themes where were comics, video games [DS versions aren't really the same as console games], clothing, play weapons and more. Sure, they have slowly started to branch out with the theme but I think they took a cautious approach with it and that cost them in the way of advertising. These sets are not necessities but they are nice if you can get them on sale or clearance. There's no way I would pay ten dollars for this set even if someone handed me a million dollars and ordered me to spend it in 24 hours.

The Nya mini figure is one of the nicer human characters from the series; most of that is due to the amount of stenciled detail on her torso. Her facial detailing is minimal but nice because of the hint of lipstick and the cropped textured jet black hair. She is done in classic yellow but personally I think she would have looked a lot sweeter in flesh with modified detailing. Since all of the other humans in the Spinners and NinjaGo building sets are done in yellow you are looking at a lot of ripping apart and rebuilding if you plan on converting them all to flesh. I am pretty sure they stuck with the old school style so that the Lego Ninja fanatics would see these and buy them to incorporate them into their older sets. She comes with a couple basic pieces but they aren't rare or hard to find. If you aren't planning on using this to battle just chuck them in with your cache.

The kendo stick is a repeat weapon from other sets but the twin daggers are a nice find; they look good with almost all of the mini figures from the Spinner sets and regular sets but they are a little out of scale when you compare them to the actual almost two inch size of the characters. You get five game cards with the set; I did not purchase multiples of the Spinners so I am not sure if you get these same exact cards in each and every set for Nya. I have no plans to play the game so I am using them to trade for things I want to get. I've never seen the cards sold in packs so I think this is the only way to get them officially from Lego. They have some add on NinjaGo card holders but from what I've seen of them they aren't worth the asking price.

NinjaGo Spinners sold for about ten dollars when the hit the store shelves. I don't think I am alone in saying that they are overpriced at that amount. Some of my Lego friends still refuse to buy them because even at half price they are still not worth it to them. I didn't want to miss out on them so I got one of each of the ones that I could find in local retail stores. Prices on these are slow to drop online and now that the 2012 Spinner sets have been rolled out the price drop is justified to try and get rid of older stock. If you are in to the building portion of the theme then getting the Spinners is not a necessity. You are getting a nice mini figure with Nya but almost everything else will be useless if you aren't playing the game or planning on trading them for other wishlist pieces.

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NinjaGo 2011 Collection
2258 Ninja Ambush
2259 Skull Motorbike
2260 Ice Dragon Attack
2263 Turbo Shredder
2504 Spinjitzu Dojo
2505 Garmadon's Dark Fortress
2506 Skull Truck
2507 Fire Temple
2508 Blacksmith Shop
2509 Earth Dragon Defense
2516 Ninja Training Outpost
2518 Nuckal's ATV
2519 Skeleton Bowling
2520 Ninja Battle Arena
2521 Lightning Dragon Battle
2856134 NinjaGo Card Shrine

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