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LEGO Legends of Chima Leonidas' Jungle Draster (30253)

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LEGO Legends of Chima: Leonidas’ Jungle Dragster — This Feline is Mighty and Fierce

Apr 3, 2013
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Pros:Good small set; nice painted detailing and headpiece

Cons:Limited and exclusive

The Bottom Line: Leonidas' Jungle Dragster for the LEGO Legends of Chima collection is a decent set. It's one that's good to help slowly build this collection.

The Land of Chima was once a paradise but it has now become a battleground to control a natural resource called Chi. It’s a powerful element that is both the source of life and great destruction. The Lion Tribe have been custodians of the Chi for many years by distributing the Chi fairly to all animal tribes. But the Crocodile Tribe doesn’t see it that way leading from minor skirmishes to much bigger battles. LEGO Legends of Chima: Leonidas’ Jungle Dragster is part of the Lion Tribe’s force to ward off attacks.

Leonidas is a Lion footsoldier and guard. He is covered in tan fur from head to toe. His outfit is reminiscent of Roman guards, or maybe in this case gladiators. While he is bare chested, he has a harness that straps on diagonally with a blue gem affixed in the middle. He has a large belt that looks like one of the old WWF (now WWE) championship belts with a blue skirt. His paws have three claws on each foot.

Leonidas has the double-face feature. On one side is a more stern look while the other side shows a goofy, smiley face. Both faces look more like a cat than a lion. But of course the real headpiece fits over the basic head and reveals his lionesque feature. The pronounced nose and chin along with his sculpted orange mane definitely transforms him from a pussycat to a fierce lion.

I also love the simplicity of his dragster. There aren’t many pieces for assembly but it’s enough to create a decent vehicle. Smaller wheels are used in the front while oversized ones fit on the back. In fact it reminds me of when LEGO sets used to be like this back when I was a kid many moons ago. Even though they were small and simple sets, they were also my favourite ones to play with in comparison to the larger ones. Also included is a blue translucent gem to represent one of the Chi elements.

This polybag set was found at Toys “R” Us for $3.99. Most of the polybags usually mean limited exclusive sets. Most of them are found at Toys “R” Us. Just beware that this place is overpriced so always be armed to find a deal of some sort.

Leonidas’ Jungle Dragster for the Legends of Chima collection is a good, simple set. The figure alone is quite intricate with the painted details and intricate head. The dragster feels like a bonus that came along for the ride. These smaller sets really are a great way to build up your collection. It’s just a matter of finding them in the first place before they disappear.

Number of pieces: 30
Set #: 30253


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