LG Flatron IPS236V 23" Widescreen LED LCD Monitor Reviews
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LG Flatron IPS236V 23" Widescreen LED LCD Monitor

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Having Trouble With Your Eyes, Try A LG IPS236V Monitor

Jan 11, 2012
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Pros:Lightweight and very crisp pictures.

Cons:A little bit on the pricey side.

The Bottom Line: You don't realize how behind the times when it comes to monitors, until you replace your old monitor. You will be very excited when you get this home.

When looking into purchasing a new computer, they may not always come with a monitor, you may need to look for a new monitor. That is when I starting pricing them at Best Buy ant ABT electronics and after all of my research was said and done, I found that this monitor ran just about the same price at all of the stores. We purchased our new monitor from Best buy for only $250.00. Since, I do need glasses now, we decided to look for a bigger monitor. We stumbled onto this one, and got it shipped to us within 10 days, and the delivery man that delivered it, made sure that someone was there to receive it. That was very nice, since they usually just do a drop and run type of delivery. That is kind of scary when you think about it. You would always hope that whatever kind of package that they deliver, that they would wait till you get up and answer the door. But, it never fails, even if you run to answer the door, they are usually back in the truck before you get there.


This monitor only weighs about 9 pounds and has a viewing area of 23” diagonally. Its overall height is 16.6” with the stand and without the stand it is 13.8", and it is 21.6” wide. Sometimes you need to know the overall size when purchasing one of this size. It is all high glossy black in color and will look pleasing to the eyes. This is an LED type monitor and it also comes 5 cables which are: video cable, power cable, digital cable ( HDMI cable), USB cable, and the audio cable. You will probably will not use all of these cables, but at least they send them with the monitor.

Features and Experience

We are using windows 7 operating system and have had no problems as of yet. This has a very fast response time and you probably not realize what affect that a new monitor will have on your old PC. By having a monitor that switches colors really fast it will prevent any streaking of the colors together. My old monitor could not hold a candle to this new one since this one has 5 million to 1 contrast ratio. I noticed a definite difference in the clarity of the pictures that come up on my new screen. You will get a clear picture with the maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080, that is just about as good as my LED TV. The other thing that I have noticed about this new monitor is that with my old monitor I had to sit almost dead straight in front of it to see it perfectly. With this one I have almost a 180° viewing area. That helps out when two people are trying to work on this PC at the same time.

I have had no problems hooking any of my other electronic devices up to this monitor and getting an excellent picture. This monitor can be tilted up or down a little to adjust for different people's heights. Whether you are a gamer or just a person that needs a good monitor, this one will help you revive the output that your PC is giving you. This monitor is probably the best one, for any people that are in a high budget conscious solutions. I did not have to adjust any colors after we set this monitor up, all we had to do was plug this monitor in and the colors and brightness came in perfectly. If you wait a little more time, I did notice that these have come down in price.
If you need to use it, this also comes with a disc to help you along. But, in my case my computer took care of that problem for me. It recognized it automatically and it has worked beautifully every time that I have turned it on. The extra large viewing area brings things to life and are always crystal clear. It is as if things have come to life. The text that I type is sharp and clear and the graphics for all of the movies that I watch is better than real life. I have not noticed any color bleeding just very sharp and perfect contrast in all of the pictures and images that come up on my screen.

This is very lightweight and is easy to move around. Slim is in when it comes to the thickness of this monitor. This has given me more space on my desk. You can also attach this directly to a mount or just leave it on your stand that it comes with. If you have a large office this comes in very handy when you need to pull up a spread sheet during an office meeting. To help with your office meetings this has a 6 axis color control to help you out for a more precise individual adjustments that you may have to do. I have done dual splitting on the screen and this has yet to disappoint me, while you do dual web browsing you will be able to multi task like you have been doing this for years. Just like the LED TV's this monitor is as energy efficient as it gets when it comes to saving money. This will take 40% less energy to run and in my book that is a very large savings on electricity all throughout the whole year.

This comes equipped with a limited warranty, 1 years on parts, labor, and backlight. This is not transferrable to another owner.


I can highly recommend this monitor for all of those people that are starting to need glasses for the first time. You will be amazed at the color and crispness of the picture that you will now see. You will be extremely happy with how easy it is to hook up and get started. The only thing that you will need to worry about is if you have a small desk. You may want to invest in a little bit larger desk to make this work for you. In my case that is exactly what I had to do. This has allowed me to see things in a different light. There will be no more straining of your eyes while you are looking at this monitor all day.

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 250.00
Operating System: Windows

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