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LG Optimus P509 - Black (T-Mobile) Smartphone

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A Lagging Smartphone Not Worth Its Three-digit Price

Jul 31, 2012 (Updated Nov 22, 2012)
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Pros:Battery span is good and is a functional smart phone.

Cons:Lags in almost every application used.

The Bottom Line: Not worth the three-digit pricing because of its lagging and inability to message well; however, it does get the job of a cell phone done and has some neat features.

What is included in the package:
A LG smartphone with batteries, microSD Memory Card, and SIM card in the phone.

A stereo headset (which I never actually got, probably do to a packaging error)

A USB cable and charger adapter.

A Start Guide and a Terms and Conditions booklet.

When I opened up the package to my very first smartphone, I first examined the accessories only to be very disappointed to see that  I didn’t get the stereo headset that was supposedly included within the package.  For this reason, I cannot comment on the quality on the headset.

Additionally, I noticed that my smartphone’s USB cable is only 3 feet long.  Compared to other product chargers like the Kindle Touch’s charger (5 feet), and the PSP charger (6 feet), this charger is very short!  Its short length also later turned out to be a problem because I am unable to have the pleasure of texting, reading ebooks, or play smartphone games while laying down on my couch because there are no outlets around my couch within a 3 feet radius.

Lastly, the Start Guide and Terms and Condition booklet looks very helpful. However, I never actually looked at it.

The Smartphone
After observing the accessories, I finally turned my attention to my gray smartphone.  It looks nice.  On the front of the phone, there is a shiny and smooth touchscreen, a little gap which I assume to be where the speaker and the microphone is located, and three buttons.  

Looking at the phone from its face, on its right side you would find the volume control.  On the bottom you would find an outlet for you to connect to the USB cable.  On the top, you can find a 3.5mm stereo that connects to your headphones, the power/standby button, and a gap which you use to open up the back frame of the phone.

On the very back of the phone is a removable cover which you can take off to reveal where your SIM card and your batteries are.  The 3.2 megapixel camera is also located here on the back of the phone.

The most unfortunate and unavoidable feature of this phone is its lag.  This phone literally lags in almost every application used!  You’ll spend at least twice as much time loading and using a lot of the apps when compared to using those same apps on different smartphones.  Task killer apps do help in speeding up the phone, but the change is not a significant one.

There is also unlimited messaging on my phone though it is a flawed system.  This was the first phone in which I can actually text message and this first experience like all my other first experiences with this phone was a painful one.  The touch screen keypad is so small that you would often touch a different key.  When you try to delete characters on the screen, it takes an extra two second to delete that character.  Furthermore, this phone prides itself with a feature named Swype, which lets you create words with a finger swipe over the general area of the correct keys on the keyboard.  The feature is itself nice; however, the phone tends to lag much more when this program is on—so much that I turned it off.  Lastly, picture messaging is impossible.  When your friends or family send you pictures you can try to download it, but you will find that the phone will just not download.  If you want to send someone a picture, the picture for unknown reason will not attach.  At the end of the day, the only positive feature of the text messaging system on this phone is that you can get an unlimited amount of text sent.    

The phone also comes with a voice recording app and a camera app both of which I find useful.  I would often use the voice recording app to record the college class lectures that I fell asleep in.  The quality isn’t that great, but it is enough for me to clearly hear my professor’s lecture.  Additionally, an interesting fact on the phone is that the amount of voice recording I can actually record is massive.  I’ve downloaded tons of apps and recorded at least 16 hours on my phone, yet my phone still can record a whooping 259 hours.  The camera on the phone is 3.2 mega-pixels and can record videos up to 1 minute.  I don’t have a really big problem with my camera except with the fact that it doesn’t focus sometimes.  However, this might be from my flawed photographic technique.

The smartphone comes with more apps than you can imagine.  An app that is included with the phone is the Google Play app that lets you access a variety of apps.  At the bottom is a list of some apps I have used if you are interested.

Apps that I have used that do not lag excessively:

Games: Zenonia 1, Inotia 3, text-based games like the “Choice of” series (Choice of the Dragon is an example), Fruit Slice, and Super Connect 4
Other apps: gStrings (a guitar tuner app), Offline dictionary, Jazz Radio, Easy
Task Killer, and Advanced Task Killer

Apps that I have used that do lag excessively:

Games: Fruit Ninja, Dragon Hunter, and Zenonia 2, 3, and 4.  Note*: You can pretty much assume all new games that come out on the android system will probably lag. 

Other apps: Maps, Live Wallpaper, Google Play, Browser

Other Pros:
The alarm system on this phone works great.  Once the phone is off, it will never come back to life like all my previous phones could potentially do.  This assures me that I will never embarrass myself in a lecture or a club meeting if I have my phone turned off. 

The durability of the phone is high.  Of the 2 years I had the phone, I had dropped it upon all kinds of surfaces: grass, concrete, carpet, and wooden floors.  Yet this phone has never once broke or lagged more than when I first bought it.  Surprisingly, it’s still usable to this day.  

Yet another good feature is that you have multiple home screens in which you can customize.  You can download a variety of wall papers such as live wall papers, which unfortunately lags, and a plethora of still life wall paper.  You have many widgets, which kind of functions like an app, you can put on your home screens so that you can access widget quickly.  Some examples of widgets are the news, Google search bar, and alarm clock widgets. 

The last commendable feature is the fact that the phone’s battery lasts quite a long time for a smartphone.  When I first got the phone so long as I turned off my Wifi, Bluetooth, Satellite, and 3G Network connection whenever I was not using it, my batteries would last around 4 days, which is good for a battery killing smartphone.  2 years later, I charge my phone around every 2 days and sometimes 3 days when I don’t use it excessively.  So the battery life is pretty nice for a smartphone.  Unfortunately, most of the battery life will probably end up being used phone slowly doing what its job.


Even though this phone gets the job done, has its own nice aspects, and lasts a decently long time, this phone isn’t worth the three digit-numbered prices.  The predominant reason is the frustrations you will feel from the lagging in almost all possible features in the phone and its inability to message well.

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