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Feb 19, 2012
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Pros:Multiple wash settings, energy efficient, low water usage


The Bottom Line: This is one of those washing machines that is gentle enough to clean your delicate items yet rugged enough to wash a king size bed comfortor.

We bought this washing machine on a recommendation from my brother to replace our inefficient old apartment sized combination washer and dryer unit.  We were looking for something we could fit a comforter in so we didn't have to keep going to the laundromat and spending money to wash a blanket, so when visiting my brother one day he offered that we could try out his washer and dryer to see how well it did.  This washing machine not only fit the blanket but it got the blanket cleaner than the washing machines at the laundromat.  This is also a front load washing machine that won't shake the whole house during the spin cycle so you can set the machine to run while you are sleeping and not wake everybody in the house up.  This machine has so many different settings and wash cycles that we're still discovering new ways to wash seven months after delivery.  This washer is also basic enough to where anybody can use it.  If you want to do a cotton wash, just set it for cotton and push the start button, easy as that.

My favorite setting is the Allergine setting.  I am allergic to dust mites so I wash my blankets and sheets on a weekly basis using this setting to make sure they stay dust mite free.  I also used this setting to wash items that had been in storage for a long time to get the stains out and it worked wonders.  For example, I had a white pillow that was severely stained from storage, so I put it in the wash on the Allergine setting, added some bleach and detergent, and let the washer do the rest.  I was excited to see that the pillow came out as clean as the day I bought it.

Another nice feature of this washer is the fact that the area for adding detergent has measuring lines so you don't end up using too much detergent while doing your wash.  This also means you don't have to be a genious to figure out how much detergent or bleach to add if you aren't used to using special washing soaps.

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