LG HE Top Loading Washing Machine

Jun 14, 2012
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Pros:Quality Construction, Quiet Operation, Water Saver, High Tech Controls, Gets Clothes Clean.

Cons:High Price, Requires Special Detergent, Lengthy Cycles

The Bottom Line: The LG HE top loading washer gets your clothes very clean and does so quietly without an agitator.

For the last 60 years washing machines have worked pretty much the same way.  Water fills a tub, an agitator circulates the clothes.  What is different with an LG HE washing machine such as the WT5070CW?  There is no agitator!  There is not an agitator to hog tub space.  Does it still get clothes clean?  The answer is yes.  Is an HE washing machine worth the extra money?  Only you can be the judge.  Let's look at the WT5070CW in detail.

The Machine

The WT5070CW top loading HE washing machine is a solid appliance.  Unlike some other washing machines I examined, the LG is not built with thin wall construction of it's cabinet.  It's construction is very similar of products built 30 or 40 years ago.  The "Diamond Glass" see through top with brushed accent is a nice touch.  The control panel, at first glance, might seem somewhat daunting, but after looking at it for a few minutes, everything make perfect sense.   The rotary control selects the desired cycle.  There is an ON/Off switch.  There are a row of buttons that can modify the cycle.  Electronic touch buttons also control water temp, soil level, spin speed, and a special use button that can add extra functions to the assigned cycle, and there is the common start/pause button.  There are LED displays for cycle status, glass top lock, and estimated wash time. There are also LED displays for the current setting of water temp, soil level, and spin speed.  This LG washing machine carries a standard one year warranty, as just about every non commercial washing machine sold in the US.  What is a little different, the drum motor, stator, rotor, and Hall Sensor is covered by a 10 year parts only warranty.  The standard stainless steel drum is backed by a lifetime parts warranty.  The LG WT5070CW comes with brand new water connection hoses.  Many current washers do not come with new hoses.  

Actual Use

Because this LG washing machine is an HE device, the first change that the new owner must get used to, is one can no longer shop for bargain basement priced laundry detergent.  As with all HE washers, the LG requires rather expensive HE class detergent.  HE detergent produces little, if any suds.  Excessive suds in an HE washer can cause an overflow of the tub and very poor cleaning performance.  The HE detergent is really the key to a clean wash in these new type washers.  The purpose of a HE washer is to save water.  HE detergent dissolves more efficiently in low water conditions.  The LG washer allows you to use either a powder or liquid.  I have tried both, and prefer the liquid.  Clothes seemed to come out fresher with the liquid. 

Some sorting of clothes is required before you start your wash.  Large items must be placed in the drum first, followed by smaller items. The washer has built in dispensers for both bleach and fabric softener. Make sure you have added those items before the wash starts.  Once the "start" button is pressed, the washer starts to "sense" the load.  This takes only a few moments.  The wash cycle uses very little water.  In fact the water level is so low, that on first blush, you may think something is not working correctly.  The clothes will barely be covered!  However, the movements of the drum and pulsing of the water take the place of the agitator.  It's actually rather interesting to watch through the glass top.  During this process, the washer is amazingly quiet.  Following the wash cycle, comes the rinse cycle.  Again, be aware that very little water is used.  The rinse cycle is followed by a spin cycle.  The spin cycle is rather quiet as far is spin cycles go.  Once the wash is complete a little tune plays.  If you are used to your wash be completed in fast order, then you are in for a surprise with this machine.  Each cycle seems to take a considerable amount of time.  In normal cycle, almost an hour is required for the wash to be complete.  This could be a negative to some users.

How Are The Clothes? 

The clothes come out of the washer very clean and fresh smelling.  They are not tangled or heavily wrinkled.  Some clothes come out so close to being dry, that you may not have to place them in the drier.  

Worth the Money?

The idea of an HE washer is to save water.  While this LG appears to do that, the price of the special detergent might offset any savings that would appear on your water bill.  This washer is a high quality made product.  It cleans clothes very well.  In the end, that is what a washing machine is supposed to do.  If you have an old washer that has stopped working, then I would recommend the LG WT5070CW as a replacement.  If your current washer is still on the job, I frankly would not toss it to get this LG.

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