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Lifesmart LS1500-6 Heater

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Lifesmart LS-4W1500-XD Infrared Heater

Feb 5, 2013
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Pros:A quality efficient heater that heats up the room in which it is placed.

Cons:None yet.

The Bottom Line: Recommend this heater to ward off that chilly room.

I live in the Northeast and am always looking for a better way to heat my home or in this case parts of it. I saw this unit on one of the Shopping Networks (ShopNBC) and after some thought ordered one for my house.


Electrical: Voltage 120V-60Hz
Power Consumption: 750/1500 Watts
Thermostat Range: 50 - 90 Farenheit

Coverage: Up to 1500 square feet of unobstructed area
Dimensions: 16.5" x 13.2" x 16.5" 26 lbs

Safety Features: Advanced Safety Overhead Shut Off
Tip Over Shut Off

Features: Remote Control
High/Low/Eco Heat Settings
Air Filtration system
Lifetime Washable Filter
On/Off Timer
Eco Friendly Wood

How this things works:

Air is brought into the heater through an easy to clean, washable filter at the rear of the unit. The one-speed, high volume fan pushes air through the chamber across the heat elements.

During the exchange, heat is accumulated and transferred to the air in the chamber. The newly transferred filtered, clean, and hot air is then circulated out the infrared heater's front vent.

The whole process produces variably hot air, compared to the air originally entering the heater. (A good point considering that this winter I am determined to keep the air free of pollutants because of my bronchitis.)

This method of heat generation creates an even, comfortable level of infrared heat from floor to ceiling (as opposed to venting hot air blowing that will just rise to the ceiling and dissipate.)

There is no drying of the air with this method of heating and no harmful chemicals or pollutants are released. (Another positive factor considering this winter I've been battling chronic bronchitis developed soon after Christmas 2012. The room I used this heater in is the room I often stay in during the course of the day and night.)

The heater must be plugged into a 120V, 15 amp or higher three-prong receptacle. It is fairly easy to use. There is a default Set temperature, which is 75 degrees F.

To set the temp, just press the Temp up or Temp down button on the control panel or on the remote control. When the ambient temperature matches the set temperature on the heater, the heating will stop automatically. The ambient temp can be changed by pressing the Temp Up and Temp Down for three seconds.

The High mode heat level uses approx. 1500 watts. The Low mode uses approx. 750 watts. In the Eco mode, the set temp will remain a constant 68 degrees F. The power usage depends on the ambient room temp. If the ambient room temp is below 64 degrees F, the heat level uses 1500 watts. As the ambient approaches 68 degrees F, the heat level decreases to 760 watts, with heat shutting off when 68 degrees F is achieved.

There is a built in timer. This comes in handy for me as I usually turn the heater off when I go to bed, and set it to come on maybe a half hour before I get up so when I come back out into the living room at least the chill is taken out of the room. When you set the timer, the number 0 will appear on the display. This can be increasedin hourly increments. I usually set it at 8...and then the display will show only the hours or minutes remaining until it automatically turns one.

Also, when I turn the heater off, the fan will continue for a while in order to cool inside where the motor is, which I feel is a nice safety feature. It is relatively quiet although you do hear the fan when that turns on, but it is not distracting.

This is a nice looking heater as well. The maple wood cabinet allows it to blend nicely with my decor.

I purchased this off of one of the shopping networks...specifically ShopNBC. A friend of mine ordered one as well but one his a part was missing. We had no trouble returning it, and they replaced it with a new one, and all parts were there.

I paid $138.00 and about $15.00 shipping.

My thoughts on the LifeSmart Infrared Heater.

It does what it's supposed to do, heat up whatever room I'm in. I'm usually in my living room at night, which is long and narrow. This unit does a very good job at keeping the room heated around the area where I sit. I don't have to twist the furnace on and thereby heat the entire house. In fact I don't want it warm in the bedrooms because I believe sleeping in a colder room is better for our health.

The LifeSmart Infrared Heater is a cost effective way to keep warm this winter. And so far it has done its job. I'm not using as much oil this winter and this is always a plus for me since I'm on a fixed income. Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty: LIFESMART warrants this heater against defects in materials and workmanship on functional parts, for a period of one year from the original date of purchase. Your sales receipt shwoing the date of purchase is your proof of purchase.

Basically the warranty covers what most warranties would cover on similar products.

Website: www .lifesmartproducts. com

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