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Not Exactly a Grand Resort

Jun 18, 2002 (Updated Jun 18, 2002)
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Pros:Location, Suites (if you book them)

Cons:Staff, Appearance, Fine Lines on the amenities, older rooms

The Bottom Line: It's an ok hotel, but don't believe your staying at a five star hotel.

The Grand Resort Hotel is a very nice hotel from what you read about it and what your brochure shows, however the hotel lacks the "Five Star" Hotel that it claims to be. The room that we booked was a Deluxe Suite by using the internet rate. When we booked the room we were told it would be a smoking room with jacuzzi, microwave, oven, refrigerator, and other small appliances. When we arrived we were told that there were no smoking rooms available but they would give us an ashtray, which makes me feel bad for the next group b/c the room was clearly marked no smoking. We received no microwave and were told that they never had microwaves. The kitchen in the room did save money. We had two t.v's in are room a big screen and a smaller closer to the "beds." However the smaller one didn't even work so it never got used.
Our room jaccuzi's suction system was broken if your arm or leg was placed near it you would have to struggle to get your leg free and then appear to have a hickey from this. The indoor jacuzzi pool appears to be two jacuzzi's put together, which we never frequented b/c they were almost dead center in their lobby. Most hotels have a separated area for their jacuzzi's. The jacuzzi was directly across from the restaurant when you walked out of the restaurant you had to walk around the jacuzzi to get back to your room. Personally I prefer to dine and not look at people in "non flattering swim wear."
The continental breakfast only includes Pancakes OR Biscuits and Gravy. You must pay if you take anything else even a grape will cost you the full price of $5.95. Drinks/Coffee were around $1.29-$1.49. This came after waiting in line for 20 minutes with your tray b/c they only had one cashier who had to inspect your plate. However, by then your food was cold. I understand there can be groups but there had to be a more efficient system for non-group people.
To me the hotel overall appeared to be nothing more than a fancy Motel 8. There were several maintenance problems throughout the room and the hotel (a room door that wouldn't shut without having to throw your hip into it and holes in the lining of the overhang of the pool.) When I pay over a $100 for a suite I would prefer a nice hotel. If the brochure would have not been so nice and the internet didn't play up the room so much I might have enjoyed the room a bit better, but I expected much more

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