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Logitech M225 Wireless Optical Mouse

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Logitech M225 Wireless Optical Mouse - Clicks By Itself

Jun 27, 2012 (Updated Jun 30, 2012)
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Pros:The price of about $25 is fine: not much else!

Cons:The double-clicking problem makes the mouse almost unusable.

The Bottom Line: This particular model is suspect.  Consider other manufactures if you need a new mouse.

Logitach Mouse Model M225

This is a fine looking mouse, sleek, small, wireless, and inexpensive.  It does everything you expect a mouse to do when you click.  The problem with this mouse is that it does all these things all by itself.

The main problem is that it double-clicks when you single click.  This is frustrating but also can have negative consequences.  

Consider a word processsor: mine is Microsoft Word.  You want to highlight one word to delete but the mouse double-clicks and highlights a line or even a paragraph.  If you double click it might quadruple click.  Press delete too fast and the text is gone.  Click undo might cause even more problems if the mouse double clicks again.

Clicking the office button will often close the entire program. 

The problem is really annoying when you want to edit images or text boxes.  

Consider a browser: mine is Internet Explorer 9.  Clicking the forward or back buttons will bring you not the previous or successive page but two or three pages removed.  This can be particularly annoying if you are making a purchase online.

Consider an email program: mine is Microsoft Outlook.  You are checking your messages and you wish to delete it.  One click will delete the message but will, because it double clicks, delete the next message also.  Selecting a message to read in a pane will instead open the message into a new window.  Closisng this window might also close the program.  In gmail, the back button will also check all messages since the buttons are superimposed on each other.  It is possible to delete all messages in a label if you are not careful.

Consider Google maps.  Zooming in or out in one level will zoom two or three levels.  Clicking to drag the map will automatically zoom in when the button is released. 

A web search about this mouse reveals that it is a problem with no answer.  Logitach's solution for this is not helpful.  They suggest resetting the mouse properties in the control panel but the settings are already correct in most cases that I have read.  Adjusting other settings for the mouse does not solve the problem.

One reviewer claimed the problem is with defective microcontrollers.    

It seems that the problem exists with other models as well.

Logitech charges for advice on how to fix the problem ($32) which is almost $10 more than buying another similar mouse.

In summary, the problem seems to happen after several months of use, as in my case.  Save your receipt.  

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Amount Paid (US$): 27

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