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Logitech 920-003390 Wireless Keyboard

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Jan 21, 2012 (Updated Dec 15, 2012)
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Pros:It works great on Android browser.  Case serves as stand.

Cons:Not reliable on Facebook.

The Bottom Line: If you feel the same as I do (tablet vs laptop), it is very worthwhile for emails alone.

Initially, I had mixed feelings about buying a keyboard for my Motorola Xoom Android tablet.  One friend asked, "Doesn't it defeat the purpose of you leaving your laptop at home?"  Yeah, I guess you could look at it that way.

My situation is that I recently upgraded my laptop.  Unfortunately, the one I ordered is heavier than I want to carry while traveling.

So I decided to travel with my Xoom tablet.  I think tablets work better for entertainment and are much easier to carry.  For my situation, it's the right blend of screen size to view movies, read books, read emails, play games as well as listen to music and other functions.  IMO, tablets are great for entertainment while laptops are great for creating/work.  

While on a recent trip, an incident occurred at work that required an exchange of emails.  Looking at a mailbox with 40+ emails, some requiring indepth discussions, was pretty depressing.  I never mastered Swype so punching out an email with my index finger on a screen keyboard was agonizing.  With another trip approaching, I decided to get a keyboard and decided on the Logitech because it felt the best to me (handling in the store).

Getting it home, it arrived with four AAA batteries already in place.  I just had to pull out two tabs to expose their contacts.  The power switch is in the upper right top of the keyboard.  Turning my Xoom Bluetooth to "discover" mode, I slid the button to the right, exposing a small green strip, turned it on. Within 15 seconds, a small keyboard symbol appeared in the lower right of my Xoom screen and I was connected.

Once you get used to the smaller keyboard, typing emails went quickly.  It doesn't have as many "alt" functions as a regular keyboard but for basic email/typing, it's more than adequate.  A friend of mine found the small size irritating.  Once I got used to it, I have no issues at all.  If you're considering one, you may want to go to the store first and do a test type on it.

The Logitech keyboard comes with an interesting protective case.  It's like a half case that the keyboard slides into, protecting the keys.  This same case can also be opened up to form a triangle with a tab at the bottom.  You can then use this to prop your tablet up.  In my case, I have a protective carrying case that also unfolds to prop it up so I don't bother.  But I did try it out and it works fine.

I've found two problems things about the keyboard.  One is that I wish it had some sort of tilt legs.  That is, the keyboard sits flat on the table and I prefer an angled keyboard like all of my other keyboards.  I find this just a minor irritation and pretty much move past it after typing for a minute or so.

The other problem is that it doesn't always work right with Facebook.  There have been times that it will type in all capitals, refuse to backspace, tab space instead of just regular space, and none of the symbols will work.  Sometimes turning the keyboard off and then back on will reset it.  Other times nothing helps and then it's back to the index finger poke-along.  But I've only noticed this on Facebook so it's not a critical function.

I've been using the keyboard for about an hour every night for the last two weeks and the original batteries are still holding up.

So my friend pointed out that carrying a tablet and a keyboard equals a laptop; why not carry the laptop.  The Xoom and this Logitech keyboard is still much lighter than my laptop.  If I needed to do some really serious number crunching, photo/video processing, and such, I would definitely bring my laptop.  But if I'm going on a trip that I don't need that capability, I do prefer this combo.  I can pull just the tablet out on the aircraft and amuse myself during the flight.  When I get to the hotel room, I can entertain myself during my down time.  When it's time to crunch emails, I pull out the keyboard and have at it.

UPDATE: (6 Mar 2012)  Just wanted to mention that I use it at least a few hours Monday thru Friday and it's still working great.  I'm still using the original batteries too.

UPDATE #2: (Dec 2012)  The keyboard is still working fine.  I now have it at work with me and use it quite a bit during the work week.  Having it on for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, I find that I have to replace the batteries about every 3 weeks or so.  When the batteries run down, the keyboard goes crazy.  One time the keyboard linked to my tablet but nothing happened when I pressed the keys.  Another time I pressed one key and that letter just scrolled across the screen until I had a screen full.  I replaced the batteries and it worked fine again.  This keyboard has been coast to coast and in between a few times.  I really didn't expect it to last this long so I'm quite pleased with it.

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