Logitech K270 920-003051 Wireless Keyboard Reviews

Logitech K270 920-003051 Wireless Keyboard

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Unified Technology is interesting but this keyboard is plain

Apr 15, 2011
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Pros:Long range wireless keyboard, thin, lightweight, small receiver, unified technology.

Cons:Not as comfortable as my other keyboards, support feet flimsy, not made in USA.

The Bottom Line:

This wireless keyboard has some interesting features. However, when it comes down to it my other keyboards are more comfortable (ergonomic).

I am not sure whether I like wireless or wired mice and keyboards better. Not having to worry about cords is nice. On the other hand, wireless devices require batteries, which make the device heavier, and they require receivers which can get lost. In addition I sometimes have problems with lag with wireless devices. It all depends on the device and the price. In general I think wireless keyboards are better than wireless mice since the weight from the batteries is less of an issue in this case.

I received this wireless keyboard from the Amazon Vine program in exchange for an objective review. I have been using it with my Windows 7 HP desktop and my Windows XP SP3 Dell laptop. In both cases the keyboard self installed (plug and play) quickly.

It is a full keyboard with a standard layout and it has a numerical keyboard which is something I use all the time when typing extended ascii characters (Swedish). The keyboard is thin, light and compact, which makes it easy to transport if you need to. It also has eight hot keys; play/pause, mute volume, decrease volume, internet (home), and launch email application, place PC in stand by mode, and launch calculator. Except the launch email and launch calculator I believe these hot keys seems to be pretty standard. The hot keys are conveniently located, comfortable to press, have intuitive symbols on them, and they all work. When I press the email button (looks like an envelope) MS Outlook launches, etc.

The receiver is the smallest I've ever seen. It is about the size of a dime but thicker. This makes it possible to leave the receiver in the USB port at all times even if your computer is a laptop that you travel with, and therefore the risk that you lose it is reduced (I guess). In the back of the keyboard there is a holder for the receiver in case you do take it out. This keyboard and the receiver uses unified technology, which means that you can connect several (up to six) devices to the same receiver. Even though I have several wireless devices, including Logitech products, none of them are compatible with the unifying technology so I personally do not have much use for this concept. However, it is a neat concept. I should say that the wireless connection is obviously good (allegedly up to 33 feet) and I have no problems with lags.

However, I also have some complaints about this keyboard. The keys are shallow and arranged in a near perfect rectangular outlay. The keyboards I like typically have the keys arranged in a slightly curved manner and go in deeper, which is more comfortable and enables me to type a little faster. The keys also feel "hard" when you type on them. Because the keyboard is thin it is also quite close to the top of the desk, which is a little uncomfortable, and the little flaps underneath in the back that raises the keyboard in the back are thin and flimsy. I am expecting them to break off any day and then I will have a totally flat keyboard. It is also a simple basic keyboard without any special features; no programmable F-keys, no palm rest, backlit keys, battery indicator, etc. I should also add that this product is NOT made in the USA and Logitech is not an American company. I still recommend this wireless keyboard to some people but not enthusiastically.

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