Logitech M325 (910002650) Wireless Mouse

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Logitech M325 Nice functional mouse in a variety of colors

Sep 12, 2012 (Updated Sep 12, 2012)
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Pros:inexpensive and works great, nifty blue color

Cons:none noted

The Bottom Line: I am very happy with my purchase of the Logitech M325

I have to say I am really hard on mice and if they last a year I am doing well. I leave it on the family room couch near my laptop and they get bounced to the floor with regularity by my dog. My last mouse I paid quite a bit for so I decided to go to a lower priced mouse this time. I sent my husband to the store and he picked out the Logitech M325 based on my two major requests. It had to have the mini receiver, and it had to be logitech so that I could use the receiver I already have and keep the new one as a spare. My husband called me from the store and told me he found one that came in several colors and I chose the blue and black one. I really like the way it looks.

About the Logitech M325 and it's uses

The Logitech M325 Mouse is a relatively basic mouse that has a nice comfortable shape with a scrolling wheel, normal buttons and a low profile receiver. Besides that it comes in several colors which I found kind of fun. I normally just have a black mouse so this colored one was pretty snappy.

The look: The mouse is black on the bottom and the sides with a nice blue color on the top. The wheel is on top and it's black. The blue color has a slight brushed metallic look to it. It does not have the writing on it like the picture with this listing but my mouse has the same numbers 910002650. There is a white logitech logo printed near the bottom of the mouse. On the bottom of the mouse you will see the battery compartment, and on / off switch and the optical part of the mouse off to the side.

Optional Colors: I got the blue one but it also comes in pink, black or red solid colors and 6 other patterns. You can look at the logitech website to see all the available patterns.

What's in the Box: The mouse, logitech unifying receiver, 1AA battery, An easy start up informational paper.

Set up and Instructions: Generally when you plug this mouse into your computer as long as you have a newer operating system it should just recognize it and off you go. If you are starting from scratch with using the new receiver provided, your mouse should already be paired with the receiver so when you plug it in you will not have to do anything.

If you already have a logitech receiver and want to connect it to your existing receiver you will have to consult the instruction sheet which tells you how to make it connect. It was relatively easy to do and the instructions were easy to understand and follow. Should you need to consult the instructions they are easy enough to follow that you do not need a lot of technical knowledge.

Batteries: The Logitech M325 comes with a AA battery already installed and boasts that it will last 18 months....we shall see about that! I find it hard to believe it could last that long unless I remember to turn it off each time but I will report back when I need to change the battery so the truth will be told. The installed battery has a strip in place that starts the connection when you pull it out.

Receiver: My favorite part about this mouse is that it has a low profile receiver that plugs into my usb port on the side of my laptop. I know in the past they used to stick way out and it was a real pain if you wanted to move your laptop about as you would risk breaking the darn thing off. This one only sticks out about a quarter of an inch. I am rough on things like this and have broken them off by setting my laptop on its side near the couch or next to my bed. I was glad that I have a spare now with my new mouse. You can hook up more than one device to the receiver by using the software that it downloads on your computer. I think you can have up to 6 devices. I was able to connect the new mouse to my existing receiver perfectly by following the instructions included with the mouse.

Packaging: I rather liked the packaging that the Logitech M325 came in mainly because it was easy open. All I had to do was pull on a part that was perforated and ripped open easily. No scissors required. There is a lot of plastic inside plastic to keep the mouse in place and then some paper covering that conceals the instructions and the CD of software that comes with it.

Software: I did not need to download the software because my computer already had the software on it from the last time I installed a receiver While I love my computer I am not a computer geek and just love it when things work automatically. There is no disk required to set up the mouse.

Comfort: The mouse has a very nice feel to it. The sides are slightly grippy while the rest is a smooth plastic. The size is not too small or large but fits really well in my hand. I have long fingers but my hands are slender. If you are a guy with giant hands this mouse might feel a little small to you. For me its perfect and I never get a cramp in my hand using it.

Scroll Wheel: The scroll wheel is located on top of the mouse and is located in a good spot making it easy to use with your index finger. If you press down on it you can then just move the mouse up and down to scroll rather than bothering with the wheel. To disable this and go back to scrolling with the wheel just click anywhere on the page.

The scroll wheel can also be pushed right or left which on my mouse will advance the internet screen or go back depending on which way you press it. This could be a useful function.

Buttons and Options: You can change which buttons do what within the software. It is easy enough to figure out. You can also change the speed of the mouse pointer and a few other things. Some computers might offer additional options in your main settings. Everything is set up the normal way when you get it but if you want to reverse the buttons you can do it easily.

Wireless 2.4 GHz The wireless connection is flawless! I can actually activate my laptop from way across the room. Not that I do that but it could come in handy if you had to give a presentation or something like that. I do a little gaming on my laptop from time to time and find that the mouse tracks equally as well as a wired mouse

Advanced Optical Tracking: The mouse has come a long way since the tracking ball requiring a mouse pad. I usually use my mouse on a fabric surface. The mouse is very smooth and accurate.

Some Technical Stuff from the Package: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7Mac OS X 10.5 or laterLinux kernel 2.6+USB port

Warranty and customer service: The logitech M325 has a 3 yr warranty. I have in the past had issues with a logitech mouse and they have sent me a new one without questioning me too much. I found their customer service to be great.

Final thoughts and Rating

I can not find a thing wrong with this mouse, or anything I wish it had that it doesn't. Its a great little mouse at a nice price. I paid around $30 for it at Meijers but noticed that the Amazon prices listed above are a little cheaper. I am going to recommend this mouse and give it 5 stars.

Thanks for reading my review

If you have questions or comments about the Logitech M325 please feel free to leave them in the comments section.



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