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Logitech Z515 Computer Speakers

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Balance of Price and Audio Quality in Bluetooth Stereo Speakers

Apr 2, 2012
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Pros:Sturdy build, good sound, good design, rechargeable, removeable batteries, USB/Bluetooth adapter, carry bag.  Price.

Cons:Audio quality and size may constitute a compromise.

The Bottom Line: This Bluetooth speaker unit is an excellent choice for a reasonably good audio at a good price.  Logitech did their homework on design and build quality.


When you decide you want some portable bluetooth speakers to get rid of wires or improve sound quality on small devices like smartphones, tablets or laptop computers, you are confronted with a range of choices.

Some models that provide excellent audio can be priced at $350 or more.

Very compact models that have relatively good audio are now running in the $125 - $150 range.  They are, indeed, compact but when cranked up to higher volumes they often distort.  Full bass is likely lost.

Inexpensive models can be found online but you risk having thrown away your money on poorly constructed junk that sounds awful to boot!

Yes, I would have preferred a Klipsch Gallery G-17 Airplay or the Bose Soundlink speakers, but paying hundreds of dollars for a portable system isn't reasonable for my needs.

The Logitech Z515 Wireless Speakers are a trade off in price for audio quality and portability. 


• Single enclosure stereo speaker unit with 2 two-inch drivers
The unit weighs about 1.5 pounds including the rechargeable batteries and is about 10 inches in length, 5 inches high and 2 inches in depth. 

• 110-240v AC charger with 6' cable

• USB/Bluetooth adapter to plug in to laptops or desktops without Bluetooth

• User Manual

• Soft (cheap but useful) zippered case with separate compartments for AC adapter and the speaker enclosure.

• 2 Year Limited Warranty



The Logitech Z515 Wireless Speakers have a decent bluetooth range of about 25 feet without any interference in home/hotel environments.  Your mileage may vary but extending the distance to the full specified 50 feet will likely result in static and degraded audio quality.  Obviously, when separated from your tablet or other device by walls, the range decreases.

There are two tiny L-E-D's on the enclosure.  The bottom one lights green when a bluetooth connection is established and maintained.

Pairing the speaker unit with your device is simple.  Press and hold the Volume +/- buttons together for 10 seconds.   We like that the - minus volume button is concave and the + plus button has a convex shape, making it easy to figure out which one to press to turn the volume up or down.


The speakers (according to Logitech) have a frequency response range of 105Hz-20kHz@4dB.  That's great response at low volume.  The reality is that when you turn the volume up, the speakers have a tendency to give weight to the low end and sound a bit "muddy." 

It's not bad, it's just not great.  Here's where you get what you pay for and more expensive models sound much "brighter."


The unit is turned on by pressing the power button located between the +/- Volume buttons.  When off, the small power L-E-D on the unit goes dark.

Rated at 1.5 watts, the Logitech Z515 Wireless Speakers aren't likely to get you tossed out of a hotel much less earn a visit from your local police for sound ordnance violations.  But they are certainly adequate for personal use or at pool parties and other small gatherings.

Best sound performance seems to be when the volume does not exceed 80-85 percent.

The battery cover pulls out to provide a stand for the unit.  Inside are 3 AA NiMH batteries that can be replaced.   The batteries will give you a usable play time of around 6 hours.  Obviously this depends on the volume you are using.  Logitech estimates the maximum playback time is around 10 hours.

Charge time is rated at 6 hours from empty to full charge.

The tiny L-E-D on the enclosure at the top indicates 'Green' for fully charged, 'Orange' for reduced charge (less than 50%) and 'Red' for discharged (less than 10%.)


The included USB thumb bluetooth device can be safely stored inside the battery cover on the back.  Nice feature to keep it together with the unit.
This makes it easy, as noted, to connect a laptop or desktop computer to your speakers.


Other than bluetooth, there is a standard 3.5mm analog jack for directly connecting devices.   When plugged in, Bluetooth is disabled.


The Logitech Z515 Wireless Speakers are a reasonable trade off in size, price and sound quality in our opinion.

This unit provides good sound, not excellent audio.

The speaker unit is probably too large for short trips with hand baggage only, unless you really need them.  It could be done, but even with the supplied carrying case, they're going to take up 12 inches by 5 inches of a bag.

But I often travel with several large suitcases on extended road trips and this unit will become part of 'the kit.'  I have an NiMH AA rapid charger for 8 batteries at a time (for a camera) and might eliminate the charger unit when traveling.

The range is perfectly acceptable.

The price ($60) is also perfect.  I know what I'm getting and I think it's a bargain for use with all my bluetooth capable devices and even some that aren't, with the supplied USB stick.

This unit works well with both Apple and Android products as well as virtually any audio device that has an analog output that you can deliver in a 3.5mm (standard) mini-plug.

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