Lyman 452630 DC Mould 45 Cal. 200 Grains Pistol Bullet Mould

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Lyman Bullet Mould 452630: 45 Cal 200 Grain

Feb 3, 2012 (Updated Feb 3, 2012)
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Pros:Accurate, Dependable, Long lasting

Cons:More people need to learn reloading

The Bottom Line: Lyman Bullet Molds are as good as it gets for home bullet casting

Lyman Bullet Mould 452630: 45 Cal 200 Grain SWC

Reloaders often shoot lead bullets in their semi automatic pistols for target shooting which work fine for punching holes in paper and are a lot cheaper than factory ammunition.  Even cheaper than store bought lead bullets are homemade lead bullets, cast with a mould like this one.

This mold (I don't believe in using the "u" to spell mold) produces the standard target 200 grain SWC – semi wadcutter bullet # 452630.  Lyman has many different designs for each caliber so the shooter has a choice of what they want to produce.

Bullets can be produced for about a penny apiece if you have a source of free lead and these bullet molds will pay for themselves in a short time. Lyman has been making reloading equipment since the black powder days so it is a brand I trust.

This set of mold blocks makes a 200 grain Semi Wadcutter (SWC) bevel base bullet for use in the 45 ACP cartridge, the chambering of the venerable Colt autoloader of two World Wars and over 100 years old now.  The semi wadcutter feeds easily and punches clean holes in the paper so it's easier to total up your score, if you're counting.

Lyman Bullet Molds are made from solid steel and machined to an exact size and polished to a super fine finish. The molds are then heat treated which turns them blue. The blocks feature hardened steel alignment pins for accurate production and long life. Sprue plates for cutting off the sprue or casting mark where lead flows into the mold are solid steel, ground flat to cut cleanly and held tightly in place with tempered steel spring washers and screws. 

Mold handles are not included.  I use a number of sets of blocks and have a pair of mold handles that can be switched between them as necessary.

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