Lyman No. 55 Powder Measure: Ideal for Reloading

Sep 7, 2013 (Updated Sep 8, 2013)
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Pros:Large capacity, consistently accurate charges, High quality, Made in USA

Cons:More people should start reloading

The Bottom Line: Made in USA, Consistently accurate, Easy to use, Lasts a lifetime

The Lyman No. 55 Powder Measure is one of the finest adjustable powder measures available for reloaders to ensure accurately measured loads, hence consistently accurate cartridges.

Manufactured by Lyman of Middlefield Connecticut, an old line manufacturer of reloading equipment for the last 100 years, the No. 55 powder measure is made of quality metal construction with brass 3 slide adjustable powder cavity to ensure fine adjustments for consistent measurement.  The triple slide construction allows different shaped cavities to handle different types of powder as they measure differently due to the difference in size and shape of the granules, flakes, or balls.

The No. 55 Powder Measure dispenses charges with consistent accuracy to one-tenth of a grain.  You many not know much about reloading but it uses the apothecary scale of measurements so with 7000 grains per pound a tenth of a grain is about the weight of a fingerprint on a piece of glass.

The powder reservoir holds plenty of powder and the see thru plastic resists chemical action and protects powder from harmful light rays.  There is an attached knocker for knocking loose the full charge that assures the complete charge goes into the cartridge case.

The No. 55 Powder Measure can be mounted on the bench or any turret press so the powder can be dispensed into the individual shells.  No funnel is required as the adapter tube has a end that fits all sizes of cartridge cases with no spillage.  The 7/8x14 thread adapter tube is included for press or stand mounting.

If you are interested in learning to reload, get quality long lasting tools like this Lyman No. 55 Powder Measure. You'll be glad you did years later when it is still working like new. It's one of the best purchases I ever made.

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