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Maclaren Triumph Scarlet Umbrella Single Seat Stroller

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Just enough

Nov 27, 2012
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Pros:lightweight, small fold, carry strap

Cons:tippy when empty

The Bottom Line: Great umbrella stroller with a little added recline

This stroller is very similiar to the Maclaren Volo I reviewed.  Except it has a small recline, just enough for a cat nap.  Sometimes it's hard to decide between the Volo, Triumph, and Quest.  The higher you go in price and features, the larger the fold.  Sometimes you have to balance fold and features.  When my daughter was under 1 year of age we needed the extra recline and adjustable footrest of the Maclaren Quest.  Now my kids are 2 and 4.  We now own a Volo and Triumph.  The Triumph is just enough for the 2 year old.  She only occasionally naps in the stroller now.  When she is exhausted after a long day out she'll take a catnap.  The recline on the Triumph is enough to keep her from flopping around.  It also keeps her reclined, just enough to keep her asleep.  Her legs are long enough to be comfortable with where the seat hits since there is no adjustable legrest.

The recline is just an adjustable strap that you buckle or unbuckle.  It reclines maybe 6".  This would still not be suitable for the under 6 month old age range.  Without the adjustable footrest it doesn't add a lot to the size of the fold, over the Volo.  To me, there is a considerable difference between the Volo and the Quest though.  The Triumph is a perfect middle ground for a toddler.  

Basically, the Triumph is an umbrella stroller with a small added recline.  Like the Volo though, it is taller than your average umbrella stroller.  You do not have to hunch over to push it.  My 5'8" daughter and 5'9" husband can push this without hunching.  If you are taller than that you may kick the wheels though.  Speaking of wheels, it also has decent wheels.  Wheels that do not get stuck in the direction they are pointing.  Wheels that instead push and steer with ease.  My 6 and 7 year olds can push a 35 lb sibling in this.  Whereas they can barely push a 25 lb sibling in a typical umbrella stroller (much less steer it).  The typical umbrella stroller works well for their height though so it makes a good older child doll stroller.  But, if the typical umbrella stroller is a good height for a child who is 4' tall, I am not sure how a parent, who is at least over a foot taller, expects to be able to comfortably push it.

The canopy on this stroller is only useful if the sun is directly overhead.  Though it does hold my cell phone for me.  The canopy is also the part I would not consider sturdy.  It is plastic and we have broken them when my child yanks on them too hard.

The basket does hold a lot but when the seat is reclined you have to access it from the smaller side space.  It is sturdy though and holds up to whatever you shove in it.  It is also easily removed for washing, as is the other fabrics.  Only the canopy cannot be thrown in the washer because the fabric cannot be removed from it.  The canopy is removable from the stroller though, so I toss it in the tub to be washed.

My favorite part of this stroller is the fold.  You can easily fold it with your feet using the bar at the bottom back.  Before I do so I grab the carry strap that is also handy to have.  Then once it's folded I have that in hand so I do not even have to bend over to toss it on my back or lift it into a trunk.  It is light enough to carry like that too.  If you have a trunk instead, it takes up nearly no space.  I can fit it in the tiny 8" trunk space of my 15 passenger van or it even fits near their feet or under the seat.

The fabrics have held up to machine washing (I put them back on the frame to dry).  And the thicker metal frame can hold up to several children of use.  Aside from the canopy, the foam on the handles has been the only thing we've ever broken.  We got a small nick in the foam and then my kids picked it apart from there.  I just covered them with City Grips (if they are listed on Epinions I'll review them for you) and it is good as new.  Maclaren has great customer service though and you can replace pretty much anything on the stroller.  I have not done so though so do not know if the price is reasonable.

My only complaint about the Maclaren is the tippiness.  You cannot really hang anything on the handles.  If you do the stroller will tip as soon as the child gets out.  We use a Buggy Buddy (I'll try and do a review) and it seems to do fine but it can't handle anything else.  This is not isolated to Maclaren though.  All umbrella strollers seem to be tippy.
If you travel, go to amusement parks, or use public transportation the Maclaren is almost a must have.           

Recommend this product? Yes

Amount Paid (US$): 120
Age Range of Child: 12 to 36 Months

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