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magicJack: PC to Phone Jack

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Magic Jack is OK

Oct 3, 2009
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Rated a Very Helpful Review

Fairly Reliable
Lots of features
Voice mail goes to email

Cons:Computer has to be on all of the time
Expect a glitch or two

The Bottom Line:

Keep your computer healthy, have the right phone, a good Internet provider, and don't mind if there is a glitch or two, and Magic Jack will serve you well.

I have been using Magic Jack for about 9 months. It is not perfect. However, it fits my needs perfectly. I had no illusions about Magic Jack working like one of the major phone companies. It comes darn close to being one of the best computer based (VOIP) phone services that I have used.
I have it tethered to an inexpensive Radio Shack ($29.95) DECT phone that has an answering machine. There were a few wrinkles to begin with. Out of the blue I could not call my Magic Jack number from my home phone after about a month of doing so. I called my cable phone service provider and it was on their end. Once that was fixed it has been a very good phone service.
I think a lot of problems that users have may be with either their computer, Internet service, or the phone that they are using. I have always maintained my computer and have a high speed Internet service. The only problems that I have had were Internet related in AZ. Once their problems were fixed Magic Jack was working well.
I am using a 7 year old Dell laptop with old 1.1 USB ports. It has worked flawlessly for me. In fact I have had both running in over 100 degree inside temperature in a vacation home in AZ while I was away. Both have had no problems. I have been using it as my primary phone at my vacation house for many months. I am very pleased at how it works.
I take it with me when I visit my adult children and use it to make any of my calls because they are always using their phone. I have a cell phone that I rarely use, just in case.
I think that you have to want to "get involved" if you choose to use something like this as your phone service. There is a huge amount of information on the Internet that explain how to do certain things while using Magic Jack. If you are not willing to experiment, or find fixes for minor glitches, then stay away from Magic Jack. I think it is worth the effort for a phone service that is so very inexpensive and almost works perfectly.

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