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Forbes Magazine: Timely, but Quite Biased

Jul 15, 2010
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Pros:Some entertaining and informative articles; Inexpensive

Cons:Gets political too frequently. 

The Bottom Line: Forbes is a good magazine, but far from being the best in its class. 

Investors are often looking for advice- not just advice on which investments to purchase, but general advice on the economy, personal finance, interest rate trends, consumer credit, and the like. This information can be obtained easily in print form and one of the most popular is Forbes Magazine, a business and investment publication.

Magazine Contents:
Forbes is issued 26 times per year and contains about 120 pages per issue. The follow departments can be found in all issues:

Side Lines
Readers Say
Fact and Comment (by Steve Forbes)
Current Events
Digital Rules
On my Mind
Follow Through

Other departments appear in Forbes in some, but not all issues. In addition to the departments, there are several standard categories in each issue, with varying short articles within each. These include titles like "Outfront", "Money and Investing", "Revolutionaries", "Entrepreneurs", "Forbes Life" and others. And, like with any magazine, there are featured articles in each issue- about five in all.

Subscription Info/Pricing:
Forbes is published bi- weekly and retails for the standard subscription price of about $29 per year. This works out to about $1.12 per issue, which represents a savings of about 76 percent off the $4.99 cover price. A little searching on the internet can yield even better deals, often reducing the price per issue down below one dollar.
Forbes can be accessed on the internet by visiting the magazine's web page, The web site isn't a direct advertising piece for the magazine itself, but its content is similar to what you find in the magazine.

Final Thoughts:
Forbes Magazine is a popular financial publication that enjoys a good subscription base and loyal following. Editor in Chief and former U.S Presidential candidate Steve Forbes runs the magazine and it features articles on money, finance, economics, and politics, presented in a timely manner with bi- weekly publication.

Forbes Magazine is a publication for the financially minded individual who wants to know about the hottest investments, the latest financial services, and the recent goings- on in Washington D.C. as lawmakers spend money, pass regulation, and attempt to stimulate the economy. The articles in Forbes Magazine are generally short (except for the five features each month) and they offer some good, stimulating reading about the economy, finance, etc. Forbes Magazine wants its readers to stay informed, and it constantly includes news on the economy, investments, interest, and more.

Probably the greatest asset of Forbes Magazine is its timeliness and the thought- provoking articles within. But readers should be forewarned: The thought- provocation may not be the type you're nerves can handle. This is because Forbes Magazine is geared in a pro- business, conservative direction and this bias comes through in most of the articles. It is widely known that Steve Forbes is a pro- business, pro- free market conservative and he makes this fact known in just about every article that bears his name. Fact and Comment, one of the opening departments in each issue, features Steve Forbes at his biased best. For the past couple of years, Steve Forbes has used this section of the magazine to sound off against Obama, the U.S. Congress, and any other political operative that doesn't support his political and economic views. I don't mind a little opinion in my periodicals, but Forbes (and most other writers in this magazine) often takes this too far with his constant rants against Democrats and others like them.   

When Forbes Magazine isn't complaining about fiscal and economic policy, it does manage to offer some decent reading and some fairly good, although inconsistent investment advice. As a financial person, I find some of the investment advice sound, but other advice seems like it was written simply to catch attention and sell issues of the magazine. Some of the investment articles offer flimsy reasons to accept their advice, yet there are other investment advice sections that make good financial sense. A little more consistency would be nice. I never really know what to expect when I read.

Forbes Magazine is also known for its lists and these are often some of the better and more entertaining of the magazine's articles. There is, of course, the famous "Forbes 400", which lists the richest people in the United States. There are also lists of Forbes picks of the best colleges, most powerful people, best small companies, and more. These articles, while sometimes fantasy- oriented in nature (like the Forbes 400 richest people), are still entertaining and present some fun and fascinating reading.

Overall, however, I can rank Forbes Magazine as just average overall. I liked it better many years ago and I still find it useful for its thought- provoking and timely articles.  But the constant political talk can get annoying and it is often injected into articles where it really has no place. It adds up to an acceptable magazine, but certainly far from being the best in its class.  

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