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Maximizing Good Health and Longevity

May 17, 2006
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Pros:Good advice; Lists Sources; Few ads

Cons:Technical in nature; A little cluttered

The Bottom Line: Life Extension is a little technical and not very personal but its advice and insights can help everyone improve health.

Keeping in shape and maintaining optimal health are important goals that everyone should strive to reach. Plenty of resources exist to lead each of us down the path toward better health and among these are some good, informative magazines. One of the better ones is Life Extension, a monthly magazine about living longer and healthier through proper eating.

Features of This Magazine:

Life Extension contains about 100 to 120 pages per issue with the following departments:

As We See It- Written by William Faloon with an occasional contribution from another writer or two, this department selects an important health topic and dissects it for the reader, explaining important findings and their repercussions.

In the News- This is a collection of shorter articles about news- related health topics with an emphasis on reducing health risks and extending lifespan.

All About Supplements- Similar to the “In the News” section, except this time the focus is on dietary supplements and how they can help reduce health risks and extend lifespan.

Wellness Profile- Here, a person who is a member of Life Extension offers his/her outlook on different health topics.

Some monthly issues include additional departments, like “Ask the Doctor” and a few others. And there are usually five longer articles specific to each monthly issue that talk in greater length about good health and progress in health sciences.

Cost to Subscribe:

Life Extension has a standard subscription price of $40 for 12 monthly issues- a price that works out to $3.33 per issue, representing a savings of about 33 percent off the $4.99 cover price. This is a high price, but with minimal effort you can find a better deal. I found this magazine selling in several web sites for about half the base cost, or $19.95 for 12 issues.

Customer Service:

If you would like to discover more about this magazine, the place to go is the web site, You can send an e-mail directly to the customer service department by addressing your e-mail to And you can call customer service with a question at 800-678-8989.

Final Thoughts:

Life Extension is a monthly health magazine brought to you by the Life Extension Organization. Unlike most other magazines, this one is run by a not- for- profit organization. Membership isn’t a requirement to get the magazine, but anyone who signs up for a membership will automatically receive the magazine as part of the deal. At present, a membership in the foundation sells for $75 but includes the magazine and several other perks and is intended for those who want to get serious about improving their health.

Even if you don’t join the foundation, you will find the magazine itself is worth the cost of a subscription if good health is your goal. This publication relies on literally thousands of sources to compile its information each month. It offers advice on vitamin and mineral supplements, cancer- reducing foods, ways to protect against heart disease, proven methods to reduce the risk of diabetes, and many other helpful tips from its up- to- date articles.

Life Extension is different from other magazines in several important ways. Remember those sources I mentioned in the last paragraph? Well, Life Extension offers something you don’t find in most publications: A list of references after most articles. To give the reader peace of mind and to erase any doubt that the information presented is based on official medical research and advice from the pros, Life Extension includes a long reference list showing exactly where it obtained its facts and figures. The sources can be books, other magazines, medical professionals, web sites, and other places. This makes the magazine a little bit on the cluttered side and it makes it seem like an encyclopedia in some ways. But it is nice to see all of these sources because it adds credibility to the articles.

Life Extension is basically a scientifically- minded magazine and because of this, many of the magazine’s articles are technical and dry, full of percentage quotations, biological terms, and medical talk. Some departments, like “Wellness Profile”, are a little more personable. But the majority of the articles are more technical and they are not necessarily something you will want to look at for casual reading. They will appeal mostly to people who have a strong interest in the subjects of disease prevention and ways to improve health.

One other difference with Life Extension is that it starts out immediately with a table of contents. You don’t have to flip through ten to twenty pages of opening advertisements, like you often do with other magazines. With this publication, the table of contents greets you almost immediately, showing the months featured reports and the monthly departments. You don’t need to frustrate yourself looking for the contents. It’s right there, when you open up the magazine.

Advertisements cover only about 25 to 30 percent of the pages of each issue of Life Extension. And almost all of the ads are for Life Extension’s own product line. You see, Life Extension is more than just a magazine and a health foundation- it is also a manufacturer of assorted herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other health supplements. It even makes its own brand of toothpaste and sells products for pets. Each issue ends with several pages of order blanks to purchase these many products from Life Extension (and a few products from other manufacturers, too). If you are interested in buying these products and plan to purchase a large amount, you might want to consider joining the foundation first because you will get a discount on each and every thing you buy.

Overall, Life Extension is a good magazine about maintaining optimal health through proper diet. This magazine isn’t very personal in nature and it often resembles a reference guide more than a magazine. But it does offer some good, timely articles about disease prevention, dietary supplements, and medical advances. Health professionals and those with an active interest in longer, healthier living will enjoy this magazine most but most everyone can benefit by reading Life Extension. It offers some simple ways to improve your health right now.

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