Thankfully Home Depot Allowed Me To Return It

Dec 4, 2012
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Pros:Attractive to look at.  That's it!

Cons:Not enough water too much electricity too slow per load extra spins required lid locks

The Bottom Line: Some brands and models may have worked great in the past but could go through "lemon" stages of production over time.  This is a rotten truck load of lemons.  Avoid!

I found this on sale for $358 and purchased it against my better judgment having already read poor reviews. I tried to keep in mind what some said about reading the manual and using it exactly as stated. I kept it for 4 days, ran only 3 loads of clothes because it is so incredibly slow making me wonder how they can claim it's high energy efficiency when it runs 10 times longer on one load than my 30 year old deceased Kenmore, may it rest in peace, because I put something in it to wash that I shouldn't have and tore it up. I'm still grieving about that. The Maytag Centennial has a sensor that senses the weight of the laundry, adds a little water, senses some more, adds a little more water and continues about 10 more times before it finally starts washing. Then it goes into sense mode again before it will drain and spin. Then the lid finally unlocks and you have a ball of heavy dripping wet clothes to run on spin cycle 4 or 5 more times so they are at least dry enough to go in the dryer. Total time from in the washer to out of the washer was approximately 4 hours for one load. When that lid electronically locks into place, you are not getting in that sucker until it has completed a full cycle. I have never felt more ripped off on a major appliance purchase in my life. So, when you read negative reviews about a product remember there may be those who get lucky and that's great for them but always follow the majority. If I had done that I would never have bought it but I got suckered by it being on sale. We replaced it with a GE 3.9 recommended by a friend who loves theirs and we couldn't be happier with ours either and it was $599 with a $50 discount making it about $200 more than the Maytag but also got a little bigger 3.9 tub than the the Maytag's 3.6. I wanted the traditional agitator too that the Maytag didn't have, metal top, top load washer because I read so many bad things about the non-agitators not getting your clothes thoroughly cleaned and the front loaders had the same complaints with additional complaints about the door holding water and leaking. As a matter of preference I stayed away from the clear plastic lid on the top loader because I just don't feel like it would be as sturdy with increased use over time as a metal lid. My lesson: Learn from others mistakes and don't be suckered in by price. Also, if you are like me and prefer the old dependable agitator models you better get to it before they are phased out. Hope this review was helpful to you.

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