Worst Machine I ever Had

Dec 17, 2012
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Pros:Looks good

Cons:Senser takes too long; spins too hard and too fast, wrinkling clothes.

The Bottom Line: I would not recommend this machine to anyone unless you enjoy ironing, or don't mind walking around in wrinkled clothing.

My Kenmore basic washing machine that I'd had for 12 years suddenly died and I thought this was the perfect opportunity to buy one of the new "high efficiency" machines to save time and water....WRONG.  After going to many stores, checking out front loaders vs top, etc, we finally decided on this Maytag and were thrilled that it was on sale for $399.   

Even though I had read a lot of negative reviews regarding the high efficiency machines without the agitator, I thought that if I followed the instructions in the manual to a T that there shouldn't be a problem.

 I don't mind the locking lid, however, the sensing system in this machine takes forever and each load took around 45 minutes to complete, regardless of size. 

 The first load I did was of my husbands good shirts, and I made sure to measure out the HE detergent correctly and use the Downey ball fabric softener dispenser that had come with the machine as it didn't have an automatic one. I also  put the setting on "delicate" as the manual said this would provide a higher level of water to the load. This machine spins the clothes so fast and so hard, that they all ended up in a ball in the bottom of the basket!  How "delicate" was that??   They came out of the washer so mangled that there was no way the wrinkles were able to come out in the dryer, even though they are all "no iron" shirts!  I ended up rewashing them and having to iron every one of them while they were still wet in order to get most of the wrinkles out.

 Thinking maybe this was just a problem with shirts, I did another wash of colored, permanent press clothing, with the same results! I have enough to do each day without worrying about how my clothes is going to come out of the wash, so decided this was not the machine for me.    Luckily, Lowes took this machine back and I immediately went right over to Sears and purchased their basic Kenmore model with agitator, and have had no problems with my washings ever since.  If this is what "high efficiency" means (regardless of Brand, and I always considered Maytag to be at the top of the list), then I will be happy to pay a little more and stick with the tried but true "old fashioned" model.

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