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Ten Little Ladybugs: Three Dimensional Fun

Mar 31, 2009
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Pros:The ladybug figures; The rhyming pattern; The illustrations


The Bottom Line: Ten Little Ladybugs is a smash hit in my household

What does it take to keep a child's attention when they read? Every child has his/her list of favorite books but for those around the age of two or younger, books that include visual enhancements and/or sounds are generally the ones they include among their all- time favorites. One book that my youngest daughter loves like no other is Ten Little Ladybugs, a children's book by Melanie Gerth with illustrations by Laura Huliska- Beith.

Basic Contents of This Book:

Ten Little Ladybugs is a twenty- page book that features these small, cute insects known as ladybugs. The ladybugs are not just images drawn on the pages- these ladybugs are three- dimensional and they rise above the surface of each page. Each ladybug is either orange, yellow, or red with different numbers of black spots on their backs.  

The book opens up with the caption "Ten Little Ladybugs sitting on a vine, along came a butterfly, and then there were...". The next page starts with "Nine little ladybugs...." and it continues the same pattern to the end. With each turn of the page, another insect or animal comes along and each time, one of the ladybugs is removed. As the pages are turned, the number of ladybugs continues to fall until the books final pages when all ten of the ladybugs reappear, this time in the form of a drawing.

Final Thoughts:

Ten Little Ladybugs is a highly enjoyable book for youngsters and it ranks among my little girl's favorites. This book, with its small, three- dimensional ladybug figures, is sure to be a hit with young children everywhere, especially those who like small, cute insects and other creatures.

Among this book's many assets, the three- dimensional ladybugs rank at the very top of the list. Children will enjoy touching the ladybugs with their fingers as they listen to the book's simple yet enjoyable story line. The ladybugs are depicted at the beginning of the book with all ten sitting on leaves. Each time the page is turned, the number of ladybugs is reduced by one. Youngters will likely notice that the number of cute little bugs keeps declining but they will not notice at first. Not until near the end of the book will most kids realize that the number of ladybugs keeps shrinking.

Next on the list of reasons to like Ten Little Ladybugs is the rhyme and rhythm of the words. Kids like rhymes, and this book offers a rhyme on every page. The book remains consistent with its rhymes all the way to the end of the book and some older toddlers will quickly catch on and start to say some of the words along with the older sibling or adult who is reading the words to them. The rhymes are focused on the numbers, so this also helps kids remember/learn the numbers one through ten.

Illustrations are also top- notch in Ten Little Ladybugs.The colors of the other animals and insects are all very bright and vivid. In addition, each animal or bug has a smile on its face and is thus illustrated in the most benign, innocent way possible. Kids will love watching the turtle, duck, fish, grasshopper, frog, and others as they approach the group of ladybugs. They will also like the book's ending, because even though it seems like the different animals and insects are eliminating the ladybugs, the book ends by showing all ten ladybugs back together again, relieving the minds of some children who might wonder if the ladybugs have been eaten.

Overall, Ten Little Ladybugs is an excellent children's book that pretty much has everything a toddler will like. No, the book doesn't have any sounds. But the illustrations, the bright colors, and the three- dimensional ladybugs are all excellent and they will keep children entertained and happy for hours.  

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