Lalaloopsy Suzette la Sweet is Royally Cute!

Dec 29, 2012
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Pros:Cute, unique style, lots of details

Cons:Kids not so sure about the white hair/"royal duchess" theme, dress rides up in front

The Bottom Line: This is an interesting Lalaloopsy, but not one of our favorites.

My girls have been big fans of Lalaloopsy lately.  I ended up buying a couple dolls that were like new on Craigs list, and in my search for the mermaid Lalaloopsy, I ended up buying this doll since the two were being sold as a set.  I wasn't sure if my girls would like Suzette, but I figured worst case scenario, I could just resell the doll.

This seems like one of the less popular Lalaloopsy dolls, although I have seen it at Toys R Us for $29.99 (so I could be wrong).  I usually shop for  Lalaloopsy stuff at Target, Walmart, or  This is a full size doll that measures about 13" tall.

My 5 year old's first reaction was, "Why is her hair white?"  I think the concept of royalty or Colonial times is not something that little kids are going to understand, so the idea is a little bit lost.  Suzette's hair is a sort of pearly white color, and it is piled up on her head with some 'ringlets' and two bright pink bows.  Like all the Lalaloopsy dolls, her hair is solid plastic.

Suzette has black eyes and light pink cheeks that are also pearlescent (the way her white hair is).  She has a cute smile, and her white hair and pastel "theme" colors make her unique from our other Lalaloopsy dolls.

Suzette has a fancy dress which is very cute, which is described as a "duchess" dress on  The bottom layer is a pink 'tapestry' kind of material, and has a white organza ruffle along the edge.  The next main layer of the dress is a satin material that is pink and white plaid.  It is split over the bottom layer of the skirt to reveal the darker pink material underneath.  The neckline and sleeves have lace on them, and the front has some light blue flat bows.  The sleeves also have dark pink bows sewn on them that match the bows in Suzette's hair.  She also has matching light blue 'underwear' that are painted on. 

The dress is gathered in a way so that the sides are poofy, and it adds volume and character to the outfit.  Unfortunately it also seems to make the front ride up, which is not the end of the world, but it seems like you can always see the doll's 'underwear', and I find it annoying that the dress is so short to begin with, no less that it doesn't stay down enough to cover her.  The dress also has Velcro all the way down the back, so it removes easily and can be easily replaced.  I like that the dress is one piece, and doesn't have parts that can get lost or have to be fussed with.

Suzette has stockings with ruffles on the top, as well as hard light blue shoes.  The shoes have white detailing on them as well as dark pink bows that match the other accent bows on her dress and in her hair.

Suzette also comes with a cute pink poodle, which I actually thought was a cat at first glance.  The poodle is light pink with a dark pink bow and ruffle on her head, a pearl necklace (collar?), and lots of texture.  The puppy is solid (hollow) plastic, but the details and textures give it character.

I have never thought Lalaloopsy dolls would seem like something fun to cuddle or nurture, but my girls love to play with them.  These dolls have a heavy head and do not sit well, as they tend to fall or slip.  They certainly do not stand as well.  However, my girls play with these dolls more than any other dolls they have.

As far as Suzette, neither of them seemed to take to her.  They prefer Lalaloopsies like Toffee Cocoa Cuddles, Jewel Sparkles, Coral Seashells, etc.  Their first impression of this doll did not seem to be very good, so I guess it just depends on your child.  I also would prefer the front of the dress to be a little longer and that the design is less fussy in that it stays down better.

Overall, a cute and unique Lalaloopsy, but my girls are not fans of the theme, and I would prefer it if the dress were a little longer in the front.  This doll does have lots of nice details, but I would just be sure your child would like the historical duchess theme before spending full price.

Suzette La Sweet™ was sewn from pieces of a duchess' dress. She's royally pampered, and perfectly primped. Her favorite hobbies are lounging about, eating fancy pastries, and strolling in the garden. She has a pet Poodle.
Sewn on Date: December 9th (National Pastry Day)

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