Lalaloopsy Coral Seashells - Wonderful Doll, But Keep Her Out of the Water!

Oct 8, 2012 (Updated Oct 26, 2012)
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Pros:Cute, nice outfit, unique

Cons:Hair color issues, not good in water/head does not drain

The Bottom Line: This is a cute mermaid doll, but better left out of the water.

My girls have always had a thing for mermaids, so when it came to picking a Lalaloopsy for my daughter's birthday, it was an easy choice to get Coral Seashells, the Lalaloopsy mermaid.  They are always excited when it comes to mermaids, and this doll seemed to stand out from the other Lalaloopsies.

This doll is easy to find at stores like Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us.  I think it is one of the more popular Lalaloopsy dolls, because some of the other dolls seem tougher to find when I have had to find a specific one.  This doll cost me $29.99 at Target, and you can also get it on with free shipping.  This doll comes in a large box with lots of clear plastic, and it is not a rectangular box, so it makes wrapping a little difficult.

This is a full size Lalaloopsy doll, and you can also find it in a mini version.  The doll measures just over a foot tall and weighs around 2 lbs.  Although she is a mermaid, the tail is removable, and she has regular legs (and can therefore wear outfits like the other dolls).

Coral Seashells is a very cute doll, with deep fuschia pink hair.  She has an adorable swimsuit that is made of stretchy material.  It is pink with little white dots, and has a thin satin ribbon that ties behind the doll's neck.  The tail simply slips on over the doll's legs, and then has a piece of velcro at the top to secure on the doll's waist.  The bottom half of the tail is a quilted shiny material, with lots of detail to look like scales.  The top half is actually like a swimsuit, using the same stretchy material as the swimsuit, but in turqoise to match the tail (white small white polkadots).  It is nice because the tail/suit secures well on the doll because of the top half having a swimsuit that has shoulder straps, as well as the Velcro at the waist.  We have had too many mermaid dolls where the tail does not stay on well and becomes a frustration, so I appreciate the design of this one.

One of the features that stands out about this doll, other than the mermaid tail, is that her hair changes color in water.  The only thing is - I don't recommend putting her in water, for several reasons!  I actually originally found this doll on Craigs list, and soon discovered that the head holds water.  There is a small hole in the back of the head which is supposed to drain the water, but it is not like the inside of the head can fully dry out.  It drains very slowly, but it takes a while.  The kids would be playing with the doll or would leave it sitting somewhere, and sure enough, water would come out.

Secondly, the hair eventually does not seem to completely reset its color back to pink, and a purple shade will remain.  If you google this doll and keywords about her hair color, there are so many reviews and complaints about the hair not changing back, as well as drainage issues.  There is supposed to be a way to restore her hair color, but it is not guaranteed.

My kids were not bothered by the hair change color, but the dripping head was an issue for me (and I imagine mold begins to grow inside).  I have seen the inside of all the squeezable toys we had in the bathtub (which I threw out), and it was disgusting, so I personally am not letting that happen to this doll again - I ended up purchasing a new doll that I have instructed the kids to keep outside of the bathtub.

This doll comes with an accessory, a squeezable plastic puffer fish.  This seems like a bath toy, but I also didn't this getting wet.  So even though it is advertised as a water-squirting toy, the kids just use it like any of the other lalaloopsy accessories.

Despite my issues with this doll, my kids love it.  They also don't mind keeping her out of the bathtub.  They play with Coral Seashells quite a bit.  Overall, this is one of our favorite Lalaloopsy dolls, so I am giving it 4 stars - because my girls fully enjoy the doll even though they never put her in water.  My girls are perfectly content using this doll on "land" with their other Lalaloopsy dolls, and she remains one of their favorites.  My 5 year old says this is her favorite of our 5 large dolls and many mini sets.

"Coral Sea Shells™ was sewn from a swimmer's bathing suit. She's super-imaginative and she loves to pretend she's a real mermaid. Her favorite hobbies are swimming with the fish and eating seaweed salad. She has a pet blowfish. Sewn on Date: March 22nd (World Water Day)".

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