Mickey's Speedway USA for Nintendo 64

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Mickey's Speedway USA

Aug 26, 2012
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Pros:Lovely graphics, competent gameplay 

Cons:Too easy, too simple, gets old fast

The Bottom Line: 6.5/10

Mickey gets an email stating that his dog has been stolen and the only solution is to get into some racecars. Yeah. It doesn't even make sense because in this racing game all the people who are supposedly helping each other are racing against each other anyway. I digress. This game is a racing game and surprisingly, a very good one. It's not quite on the level of Mario Kart and Diddy Kong Racing, but as far as Kart racers go, it's highly decent, and in fact it's made by Rare, which I didn't know. Even though the visuals, sound and gameplay are quality, the game is just very easy (Understandable as it is being a 'kids' game) and the driving just isn't very thrilling. It's a shame because it looks gorgeous, in fact it's one of the prettiest games I've seen on the N64. Calling it easy might not seem fair since there are multiple difficulty levels, but even at the hardest setting the game barely offers a good challenge. 

The game offers several "modes" which are basically the same game just with a different set of tracks. There's three tournaments and you can play them at three difficulties. That's. It. Starting off, the game seems reasonably good but it gets a little old when you realize the tracks are very simple and predictable, with no real twists or turns. They sure do look pretty, though. This is one of the prettier N64 games, with soft light hued-colors that really capture the spirit of the Disney world without overdoing it. Yet the whole game blurs into a kind of malaise because of the slightly mind bludgeoning and simplistic gameplay. You drive along, collecting coins which seem to not be used for anything in game, and hitting powerups that do things like leave paint to slip on and shoot homing attacks like baseballs and RC cars.

While this is conceptually just identical to any Kart racing game, the difficulty level you select limits what powerups are available, which is strange. They actually work well. I mean the paint slick does slip people and the baseball can be used to smash someone in front of you, and when they do their car collapses in a funny animation. Still, it's pretty boring after a while and there are only maybe a dozen or so races to go through before the game is done with. The sound is also kind of screwy. The music is really nice, but the voicework is weird. Characters are constantly talking and talking over each other at times and I really have no idea what they're trying to say if anything. It just sounds like a mish mash of gibberish sound clips with no rhyme or reason. I do like the whimsy of the audio, so all is not lost. 
Overall, this is a fun racing game. It could be better and it could be worse, but as far as Kart racers go there are plenty of terrible ones, this one is highly decent, but it lacks the skill or fun of the bigger kart racing games, especially on the N64 console. 

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