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Microsoft Mobile 6000 Wireless Laser Mouse

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Sep 11, 2011
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Pros:It's the perfect desktop mouse, near as I can tell

Cons:As a Mobile Mouse, I absolutely hate it

The Bottom Line: If you intend to use this with a portable computer of any kind, forget it.  Bluetrack is awesome for desktop use though...

OK, it's tough to write a unbiased review on input devices, as they are such a personal preference kind of thing.  You can't really say it's good or bad without mentioning what you usually like, and comparing it to that...

I'm a logitech kind of person.  Typically, when I buy a mouse or keyboard...I look at what logitech offers.  Usually, I find something reasonably priced by logitech with the features I'm looking for and that's that.  But when I rebuilt my wife's computer, I got a rather high-end logitch mouse that wore out after about a year of rather light use.  I know that's not TYPICAL for a logitech brand unit.  But it still left a bad taste in my mouth.

I'm open-minded enough to know that there are other good products out there.  The world of mice doesn't consist of just logitech.  I'd already decided to give my daily workhorse logitech mouse to my wife, to use on her desktop.  So I was looking for a replacement mouse for my noteboook computer which I use for both work and casual Internet use (combined several hours a day)  I decided to confine my search to major brands.  After reading many, MANY reviews...I was torn between two specific models.  One is by HP, the other is Microsoft 6000.  I was pretty sure I'd like the Microsoft 6000 better, so that is what I tried first.

First, you need to know that there are many different model numbers of the Microsoft Wireless Mobile Mouse 6000.  They all start with MCH-000XX, with the XX being a number that refers to the primary color of the top of the mouse.  So if you are reading reviews of the black one, you are reading reviews of all of them.

The day I got my Microsoft Mobile Mouse 6000 delivered, I had a lot of work to get done and was eager to get to it.  I quickly inserted the battery, hooked up the little USB dongle, turned the mouse on (it has a power switch on the bottom) and I was in business.  Or so I thought. 

On my primary laptop.  At first, I was going slow with it, getting a feel for it.  It had a nice feel to it.  Not too big, not too small.  Easy to move, buttons had decent feedback without being too noisy...wheel was easy to spin.  I got the impression I would be comfortable using this mouse for many hours on end (which is something I need).  Then I got down to business and tried to get my work done.  That's when I first spotted this mouse's weakness.  If you are working fast, the movement is very jumpy on certain surfaces.  First surface I tried it on is a laptop desk, which is essentially a hard plastic mouse pad large enough to support the notebook computer also.  While it is made to be used with a mouse (duh), it is several years old and a bit "warped" by age.  While I've never had a problem using logitech wireless "mice" on this thing, the Microsoft Mobile Mouse 6000 had incredibly jerky tracking movement.  At first, I thought it might be me, but then I noticed a pattern where if I made a swift movement and then tried to click a link or menu button or something, the pointer would often jump OFF of whatever I was trying to click on right before I clicked.  This got frustrating quick.  I couldn't stand it, in fact.  Since I had work to get done, I disconnected the mouse and tossed it up on my wife's desk, intending to THROW IT AWAY later.  I quickly grabbed my old standby logitech wireless mouse and got back to business...
So my first impression of this mouse as a "mobile" mouse's GARBAGE.  That impression didn't change, unfortunately.

OK, my review almost ended before this section.  As I said before, I hated it so much I was going to throw it away.  For what I paid for it, it really wasn't worth the effort to try to return it.  So I was just going to trash it.  But then something interesting happened.  Next day, our nanny (off duty) wanted to use my wife's computer.  The only mouse there was the Microsoft 6000, which wasn't hooked up.  She thought we'd got a new mouse for the desktop, so she hooked it up.  After she'd used it for several hours on my wife's desktop, I returned home.  One of the first things my nanny said to me after I returned home was that she LOVED the new mouse!!!  Then I noticed she was using the Microsoft Mobile 6000 on my wife's computer.  (And she LOVED it?!?!?)  Hmmmmm....
So later, I fired up my wife's desktop computer with the Microsoft Mobile 6000 mouse.  I was pleasantly surprised.  On the desktop, this thing tracks smooth as butter.  Due to the high build quality, pleasant shape and size, and accurate tracking...I'd have to say that for desktop use it is absolutely PERFECT.  My wife and the nanny are the primary users of that desktop.  They both report that they LOVE the Microsoft Mobile 6000 mouse on the desktop.  So as far as desktop use goes, the opinion is unanimous.  This mouse is simply awesome.

Further Testing required, obviously:
I tried it again on my notebook computer.  But the results were the same as the first time I'd tried it.  Movement very jerky.  Then I remembered that this thing has bluetrack or something like that, where it's supposed to track on many different surfaces.  So I tried it on many different surfaces.  My leg, the couch cushion, carpet, rumpled bed sheets...
Good does indeed track on every surface I tried it on.  Bad news...if the surface isn't absolutely FLAT (like the hard top of a desk) the movement is kind of jerky.  While my laptop desk is a hard surface made for mouse use, the surface isn't absolutely flat.  So this mouse doesn't handle it.

To explain my star rating...
If I was evaluating this as a desktop use mouse, I'd have to give it 5 stars.  It's on it's first battery about 6 months.  No problems at all on the desktop.  In a word, it is perfect.  As long as it is running on the desktop (nice flat hard surface), OUTSTANDING performance.  And I'd even give it that "outstanding" rating compared to every logitech mouse I've ever owned...
Unfortunately, it wouldn't be fair to evaluate it for desktop use only.  Microsoft has my hands tied here.  They call it a MOBILE mouse, the "wireless mobile mouse 6000" to be exact.
As a mobile mouse?  It fails to do the one basic function of any mouse.  Zero stars would be appropriate, seeing as it can't track accurately on most surfaces that you'd be likely to use a mobile mouse on.

Still, zero stars would be pretty harsh for a mouse that is obviously very high quality and is thoroughly enjoyable for desktop use.  So I'm giving it 2 stars. 

If Microsoft had marketed this thing as a wireless DESKTOP mouse, I'd say they hit the nail on the head.
But to create the perfect desktop mouse and market it for mobile use (where it fails miserably) is a huge marketing mistake, IMHO.

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