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Microsoft Mobile 6000 Wireless Laser Mouse

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Aug 26, 2012 (Updated Sep 17, 2012)
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Pros:Great shape, size, features, and performance.
Excellent build.

Cons:Rubber on the scroll wheel DOES NOT HOLD UP. Due to this, I don't recommend.

The Bottom Line: Quality sometimes takes time to prove itself.

I’ve had the Microsoft wireless mouse 6000 for over a year.
I love the shape, and size of it. It fits my hand perfectly.
Build is excellent.

It’s a 4 button mouse with a scroll wheel.
The Side buttons, were new to me, but since I installed Windows 7, the added features are something I don’t want to give up.
For those of you who aren’t familiar with a 4 button mouse, It’s similar to a standard mouse, with a scroll wheel. On the ‘sides’ of the mouse, convenient for the thumb and ring fingers, are two small additional buttons. These are ‘programmable’ in the mouse settings control panel. I use the settings that are recommended,.. the Thumb button for the ‘back page’ and the ring finger activates a ‘magnifier’ window.
As I’m getting old and feeble, I find it’s very handy to ‘enlarge’ the page on occasion.

The mouse tracks well, but I have a desktop that’s pure black.
It WILL track on it, but I use a mousepad, anyway.
It tracks very smoothly, until the battery runs low.
When the batteries get ‘tired’, tracking can get erratic.
The 6000 holds one AA battery. Battery life, usually is about three months.
Due to ownership of other appliances, I have an ample supply of rechargeable NIMH batteries, and I started using them in the 6000.
Rechargable’s don’t lose power gradually,.. When they start to go,.. it’s FAST.
When the battery life goes, it’s very sudden and profound. Bing, it’s dead’.
Replace the battery with a recharged one, and you’re off to the races.
The ‘feel’ of this mouse is excellent.
It’s small, and fits my hand beautifully.
I was very happy with the mouse, with one exception.

The scroll wheel has a foam ‘tire’ around the rim.
The foam expanded and grew very loose on the core due to the expansion.
It lost it’s elasticity and finally ‘separated’ and parted company with the rest of the scroll wheel.
The scroll wheel is still usable, but the wheel is actually three discs, the outer two look and act like ‘washers’ and they turn freely but transmit no information to the sensor inside the mouse.
Without the foam to ensure the transference of small precise movements, control is degraded.
It’s still workable, but it takes a little ‘getting used to’.
The only thing that could cause that is ‘fingerprint oil’????
My hands are clean when I’m on the computer.
I don’t see any easy way to remove and replace the wheel, so, I’m not too happy.
This is very sad,… I thought I found the ‘perfect’ mouse.
Foam will do this with age, but I take care of my stuff and I expect it to last longer than a year.
Maybe they ought to switch to a different rubber. Silicone, maybe???

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