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Midnight Madness (DVD, 2004)

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All night scavenger hunt

May 27, 2010
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Pros:plot; clean cut; funny; acting and casting


The Bottom Line:

Midnight Madness is a great scavenger hunt movie that is worth checking out.

Plot summary
Midnight Madness
is a movie about five teams (yellow, blue, red, white, and green) who are on a scavenger hunt.  A fellow college student named Leon (Alan Solomon) arranges a scavenger hunt for the five teams.  It’s called the Great All Nighter.  The teams have to solve clues until they get to the finish line.  The teams face different obstacles on the way to the finish line.

In addition to the scavenger hunt, there are rivalries among the teams.  Harold (Stephen Furst) is the captain of the blue team.  He is in a rivalry with Adam (David Naughton) who is the captain of the yellow team.  Harold wants to prove to his father that he can beat Adam at something.  Harold and the rest of the blue team stop at nothing to keep the yellow team from getting to the finish line.  Harold and the blue team isn’t Adam’s only problem.  He has to deal with his pesky little brother Scott (Michael J. Fox) and the issues they have with each other.

The rivalries don’t stop with the blue and yellow teams.  The green, white, and red teams have rivalries with each other.  The green team consists of football players who are against the white team because they are debaters.  The white team wants to get rid of sports at the school. The white team is considered nerdy.  The red team is the sorority sisters who have problems with the green team.  The green team keeps the red team from adding more girls to their sorority.  All three teams agree to the scavenger hunt to prove that they can beat the other teams.

During the scavenger hunt, a love story takes place.  Two members on a team have feelings for each other and refused to admit.  The feelings grow stronger throughout the scavenger hunt.

The movie also stars: Debra Clinger, David Damas, Andy Tennant, Maggie Roswell, Eddie Deezan, as well as others.

My review
Midnight Madness
is a pretty good movie about a scavenger hunt.  I love scavenger hunt movies so this movie was a treat for me. The plot is written in a way where the audience can participate in solving the clues.  You get to see how the teams figure out the answers to the clues.  Since the answers aren’t revealed until they solve the clue, it keeps you involved in the scavenger hunt.  The writer included obstacles for the teams that make it appear as if they won’t make it through the scavenger hunt.  This reminds me of the reality show Amazing Race.  The teams in the movie are racing against each other to the finish line. 

Another good thing the writer did was not make this movie solely about a scavenger hunt.  The teams are arguing with each other throughout the movie and scheme to keep the others from finishing the race.  There’s also a sibling rivalry involved in the plot.  Adam is sick of Scott being a pest and bugging him.  Scott feels as if Adam ignores him.  There’s something about Scott that Adam forgets which leads to Scott’s behavior, but I won’t reveal what that is. 

In addition to the rivalries, the writer created a will they or won’t they get together angle involving a couple on a team.  They practically ignore their feelings for each other.  They had close moments where they are about to kiss, but little things interrupt them.  This reminds me of my soap operas.

An added bonus for parents is the movie is pretty much clean cut.  There is a woman who starts to undress in front of a window, but she is never shown without her clothes on.  You get the impression that she is changing. There are only a few curse words said throughout the movie.  It is basically suitable for everyone. This was a good movie without being too offensive to people.

The movie is also funny.  It’s good that the writer provided laughs in addition to seeing the scavenger hunt.  The character of Harold in particular is funny. Harold is on a diet and it is funny trying to see him cope with not being able to eat.  His girlfriend Lucille (Patricia Alice Albrecht) wants him to go on a diet the night of the scavenger hunt.  He tries to hide food from her, which blows up in his face.  One hiding place in particular could keep the team from winning.  Harold’s father has no faith in Harold so he puts a computer in his van to help them solve the clues.  I don’t need to tell you what’s going to happen there. He takes his anger out on his teammates as well as other people.  There are many other funny moments throughout the movie that I won’t ruin.

The acting is pretty decent for the most part.  You could tell that this was probably some of the actors’ first movie.  Considering, the acting was pretty decent.  I hadn’t seen any too many of the actors in this movie before except for Michael J. Fox, so I didn’t know what to expect from them.  I was pleasantly surprised.  A lot of them have great comedic timing so they were able to pull off the funny scenes.  The casting director did a great job picking these actors for these roles because they did a decent job in them.  They picked the right people because they all fit their parts and they played them well.

My complaint about the movie is that it’s predictable.  It isn’t hard to figure out which team is going to win the scavenger hunt.  Three of the teams practically give up at the end.  It turns into one team versus the other.  The winning team is the only team shown solving all of the clues so even if you weren’t familiar with the movie, you would know which team is going to win.  They go through the most obstacles out of all of the teams which was a tell that they were going to win at the end.  It would have been harder to tell if all of the teams were shown fighting to get to the finish line.  It was too easy for the winning team to get to the finish line since three of them all but give up.  You will have to see what they do to believe it.  They are in a race to win and they stop competing to do something unbelievable.

In conclusion
Midnight Madness
is a great scavenger hunt movie.  It has something for everyone since it is not just about the scavenger hunt.  It’s got adventure, comedy, romance, and rivalries.  If you are a fan of scavenger hunt movies, you may enjoy this movie.  I recommend it.

My rating
I give this movie 4 ½ stars.  It is a pretty good movie that has something for everyone.  The reason why it doesn’t get 5 stars is because it’s too easy to know which team is going to win.

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