The Miele S7580 A Very Good Vacuum!

Nov 10, 2011 (Updated Nov 18, 2011)
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Made to last
Cleans very well
Exhauted air is very clean
40 foot cord

-Heavy @ 21 lbs.
-Bags cost about $5 each

The Bottom Line: A premium quality vacuum the does the job without drama, leaves no dust to breath, gives you what you paid for and won't let you down! The Porsche of vacuums!

The Miele S7580 Marin (In the U.S. it's the S7580 Swing) is a bagged upright vacuum that is made in Germany. It isn't as familiar a name as some of the vacuum products sold in department stores but is available at stores that carry premium appliances and vacuums and on the internet.

What makes it a premium product are the following features:

   * Designed and manufactured by Miele in Germany with parts not sourced out but made in their own plant to very high manufacturing standards.

   * Extensive, rigorous testing to simulate 20 years of use on all components down to the power cord.

   * A rugged and solidly built (to last) 21 lb machine. This is not a flimsy toy.

   * Two (2) powerful Vortex motors that have a gradual power up and are reasonably quiet. One motor is for vacuum suction and one is for the rotory brush for cleaning carpets. Both have separate on / off switches. And a seven (7) warrenty on motors.

   * Very manuverable swivel neck body that makes steering in and around anything easy and can lay flat down to clean under low areas such as under tables and beds.

   * Six (6) suction levels that can be changed at the push of a button electronically or automatically set by the vacuum if the automatic button is selected.

   * Automatic height adjustment for cleaning different surfaces. (ie; floors to carpets)

   * Four (4) easy rolling, no slip rubber wheels, the front two wheels are casters that swivel 360 degrees.

   * Three (3) levels of filtration that makes it one of the cleanest, dustless vacuums made. ( Hepa filter, motor filter and 9 layer fleece filter bag that keeps all the dirt where it belongs, in the bag.)

   * Tools and attachments include a 14 foot wire reinforced hose that when locked in position will not allow the vacuum to tip over when pulled to the limit. A aluminum wand with built in comfortable handle that extends from 17 1/2" to about 32", which the aluminum wand can be removed when only a short handle is required.
Tools include a 12"crevice tool, a 4 1/2" wide upolstery tool and 2 1/2"diameter natural hair brush that can swivel to give a 90 degree angle. All fit securly on the back of the body of the machine when not in use.

   * A solid well placed handle that makes carrying the vacuum not too difficult.

   * Forty (40) foot power cord that allows you to vacuum a very large area without constantly having change plugs as you run out of cord.

   * Eight (8) LED lights at the front of the vacuum, that really light up the area that you are cleaning.

   * Filter change light and bag full indicator.

   * Premium six stage metallic steel blue finish that really looks great.

    My family is really impressed with the Miele S7580. It is a well made, powerful cleaning tool that works very well and will really clean those carpets and the rotory brush will help bring ground in dirt to the surface and fluff up the pile of the rug to give it a fresh look. It does a good job on all floor surfaces as well as carpets.

    The onboard tools and accessories are handy, made to last and work well for most everyday cleaning jobs. I especially like using the 2 1/2" round brush set at a 90 degree angle on an extended wand where I can clean high, hard to reach areas such as the tops of doors, sills and picture frames. Areas that I used to avoid.

    The electronic suction control means that you can control the suction power and use only what you need and as you turn it down, the vacuum gets quieter and quieter. If you look at the six symbols that light up at the suction control you will see symbols for each job including a quiet setting. Good for vacuuming around sleeping children. The lowest setting even allows you to vacuum curtains without grabbing and sucking  in the curtains and making you fight the curtains and vacuum trying to get them out.

    The 40 foot cord is what all vacuums should have. No more pulling out the cord as you stretch to clean just a couple more feet of area, the having to go back and plug it in or just change plugs. Good idea Miele!

    The 8 LED lights seemed like a silly gimmick until I moved the bedroom furnature and was cleaning behind it. I turned the room lights out and used only the miele's LED lights and was amazed at the way it lit all the dust up and I cound really see just how dusty a hardwood floor can get. Dust bunnies seemed to jump out at me! Try it some time for fun!

    I guess that the most important reason that I chose this particular machine is because of it's abillity to clean well and not exhaut dust back into the air. It is supposed to be one of the cleanest (for exhaust air quality) vacuums made. We also own a Electrolux Harmony canister vacuum, but my wife says that inspite of its Hepa filter, it really bothers her sinuses and doesn't like using it or leaves the room if someone is cleaning with it as she says it affects her breathing. Not so with the S7580, not a complaint out of her. And everyone enjoys using it.

    The Miele is a really nice looking appliance that doesn't look like it is made of cheap plastic  with looks that only a character from a transformer movie could love!

    Lastly I bought this vacuum from company that I found on line called McHardy Vacuum in London , Ontario. I could not find a better price anywhere in North America on the internet and actually saw it selling on many web sites for $849 and as high as $899 but I paid $399 plus tax, with free shipping! Some sites are selling the basic model Miele for more then I got Miele's top of the line upright for! I placed my order by phone on October 31, 2011. The customer service was friendly and professional, and sent emails and tracking info to keep me informed, (no wondering what is going on with your order) and I had it in my hands within 24 hours of my order even though I live 120 miles from McHardys stores. That is good service! I believe that they might ship North America wide, so I highly recommend looking them up if you are looking for a quality vacuum, (that won't end up at the curb in a couple of years, or worse yet, in a landfill) and want it at a fair price.

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